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to set up a strict bedtime and before bed routine

3 replies

xylem8 · 19/06/2013 22:22

.. for myself?
In a bid to beat insomnia.will it work?

OP posts:

MrsLouisTheroux · 19/06/2013 22:29

Yes it will work. When I stay up late mumsnetting I sleep badly.
If I go to bed at a reasonable time, relaxed, I sleep well.


Cherriesarelovely · 19/06/2013 22:30

Good idea, I have just started doing this and it is excellent.


HerrenaHarridan · 19/06/2013 22:35

Seriously do it!

I started doing this as I wasn't struggling to get up with baby and constantly tired.

Now I go to bed at 11. And I mean drop what your doing its 11 if necessary. Sometimes I read or mn but that stops at 12 no excuses, no end of chapter, it's an exciting bit etc

It's the only way, if I'm not completely hard line with myself then I just take the piss GrinGrinGrin

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