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to want to tell them to fuck the fuck off

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Micklinge · 18/06/2013 16:33

Afternoon all. We are having to sell our new build home which we purchased in December due to DH being to demoted at work and our income being reduced by 40%. The board went up yesterday. The agents came out today to take the photos. Unfortunately they informed us that the board would have to come down as the builders had been in contact with them to tell them so.

The agents contract is with us. If the builders had a problem they should come to us and not got to our agents. Am I right in wanting to tell the builders to fuck right off?

Sorry for the rant, feeling very vunerable in our current situation.

OP posts:

AgentProvocateur · 18/06/2013 16:38

If they're still building on the site, and have a sales office there, they're not going to want you selling a house cheaper than the new ones. It also doesn't look good to prospective buyers. I guess there's probably a clause that you signed when you bought the house.

That's of little comfort to you. I am sorry for your situation and I hope you get back on your feet soon


carabos · 18/06/2013 16:45

You need to check your original contract very carefully - as agent says, there may be a clause in it about agents' boards - that's pretty common on new-builds these days. What's worse is you may find that there's a clause obliging you to market your property through the developer's nominated agent.


Micklinge · 18/06/2013 18:11

Yes there's a clause in the contract to say no for sale boards until they are done, bearing in mind our neighbours board has been up for two months!! They seem to cherry pick the clauses out of the contract what they want people to adhere to tho.
Just hope that people will use the Internet to find our house ;-) thanks for letting me rant x

OP posts:

McNewPants2013 · 18/06/2013 18:15

Yabu, you are not allowed to put a no sale sign up so you have no right in verbally abuse a person for doing thier job.


annieseed1 · 18/06/2013 18:19

In this day and age who uses for sale signs outside houses to choose a house to buy?


Micklinge · 18/06/2013 18:21

Mcnew ???

OP posts:

McNewPants2013 · 18/06/2013 18:28

whats the the question marks.


CloudsAndTrees · 18/06/2013 18:29


They saved you a phonecall by going straight to the agents, I'd be grateful that they didn't come to me!


HooverFairy · 18/06/2013 18:30

You could take the board down, but still keep your house on the market. We sold our house without a board and within a few days of it going on a popular website because it's in a desirable area. YABU in swearing at the builders :) so don't, but your house should sell fairly easily if it's undercutting the current selling prices at their office. People will snap it up. Sorry that you've found yourself in this position.


ImaHexGirl · 18/06/2013 18:38

Horrible situation to be in and I can understand how you feel but the contract and/ or transfer is what it is. However, I do wonder nowadays about the actual worth of For Sale signs in this day and age unless you are in a really prominent location as most people will rely on the internet for their search. I think for sale signs really advertise the agent rather than the house nowadays. It was wrong of the builders to contact the agent but if it takes a while for the sign to be removed then you can blame the agents Grin

Have you committed to the agent for any period of time? If not, why not look at selling through one of the online agents and save yourself a lot of money in fees.

I am so sorry you are going through this, I can imagine every little issue like this makes it seem like the world is against you in what are already crap times. I can imagine that this new home represented a lot to you and it must make it hard to let it go after such a short time.


MissMarplesBloomers · 18/06/2013 20:34

Most people who are sticky beaking house hunting have Right Move/Zoopla in their favourites to be honest, so don't worry about it.

I'm sure it'll sell - just make sure your agents do use those internet sites and put lots of good piccies on to entice folks in. Oh and a floor plan, I always look at a house with a floor plan Grin

Good luck, very stressful time for you.


jessjessjess · 19/06/2013 09:41

I suspect your feelings don't really belong to this board issue but are displaced. I'm sorry you're having to sell your house.


MortifiedAdams · 19/06/2013 09:45

Love the 90's idea of trawling your favourite streets looking for For Sale boards - OP it is 2013. Boards dont sell.houses, Rightmove does.


Nanny0gg · 19/06/2013 09:54

I wish people would read posts properly!

The OP merely expressed a desire to tell the builders to 'Go Away', she didn't actually do it!

AIBU is a good place to rant, and if we were in the OP's position, we would probably feel the same. If you have to sell your house quickly, you want to take advantage of every method. And I'm sure some boards are effective, or agents wouldn't go to the expense.


DarkWinter · 19/06/2013 10:34

Do "For Sale" boards really still work in this day and age? I can't remember the last time I even saw one!


zipzap · 19/06/2013 16:57

If there are people visiting the development then it is one of the few times that a board might be useful... If it wasn't the builders wouldn't worry.

How tightly worded is the contract? Could you put up a notice in your window or accidentally on purpose leave the estate agent's board in the window or even just an A4 home printed note saying 'for sale - see rightmove' and then if they pick you up on it apologise and smile sweetly and say that as the other board had been up for a couple of months you assumed it gave you a couple of month's grace. Or that you thought you weren't allowed estate agent boards outside, you didn't realise it was inside too...


Flobbadobs · 19/06/2013 17:55

For sale boards certainly do work, I see loads round here and a for sale sign is the reason I am sitting in this house right now!
Some people don't just look at the websites, they actually have a walk round an area they might want to move to and check it out. Things like noise levels, parking etc. plus photos are all very nice but they never do justice to the actual property IME.

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