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To think the original photo would have been fine?

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embarrassedtwinmum · 18/06/2013 16:13

Dt1's teacher needed a word today.

Class photo had to be retaken because he was sticking his tongue out on all three shots and it wasn't noticed until the photographer had sent the class away.
The class were brought back in the afternoon, apparently all hot and sticky with messy hair Blush

I'd prefer a pic with one little swine child sticking his tongue out over a photo of a whole class of sweaty children covered in lunch, AIBU?

(Dt1 has been well and truly told off BTW and is in no doubt that school has no sense of humour in these matters.)

OP posts:
UniqueAndAmazing · 18/06/2013 16:15


yes, okay, tongue sticky out not good, but all of my class photos have at least one child not even looking at the camera.

much better than sweaty.
you're the mum, if you don't care then why the hell would anyone else?

McNewPants2013 · 18/06/2013 16:16

It wouldn't bother me as a parent if 1 child was sticking thier tongue out, but it may dent sales of the photo.

MrsLouisTheroux · 18/06/2013 16:17

What's Dt1?

Onesleeptillwembley · 18/06/2013 16:17

Ok, I'll go along with this.
Maybe the other parents wouldn't like a pic of your child doing that. I wouldn't. Maybe addressing the behaviour rather that whinging about this would be more productive.

McNewPants2013 · 18/06/2013 16:18

Dear twin (DT)

BabyMakesMyEyesGoSleepy · 18/06/2013 16:19

Wouldn't bother me but then I never buy the class photo. I don't want pictures of other peoples kids.

Dackyduddles · 18/06/2013 16:19

Sorry bu as you don't care much because it is your child. To everyone else its that silly child ruining it for everyone else and then having to pay for the privilege of having that on their wall.

I agree, if my child I wouldn't care, but I would care if it wasn't.

MrsLouisTheroux · 18/06/2013 16:21

They're making a point of it OP.
That one child thinking that they can ruin a formal photo for all/ draw attention to themselves isn't a great character trait.

Loutwenty · 18/06/2013 16:22

We just got the proof of ds school photo.

Ds is doing one of those hideous rapper style crossed arm poses.

His school doesn't have a uniform either, so he's wearing a ridiculous hoodie to complete the look.

He's 10.

Loutwenty · 18/06/2013 16:23

(he didn't have the hood up, thank goodness and does not usually display rapper style tendencies)

MrsLouisTheroux · 18/06/2013 16:23

McNew - ah , TWIN. Thank you!

PsammeadPaintedTheLion · 18/06/2013 16:24

I'd think it was hilarious. But I may be in the minority.

MrsLouisTheroux · 18/06/2013 16:24

Lout Grin Why? Just why?!!

PsammeadPaintedTheLion · 18/06/2013 16:25

If I were the photographer I think I'd pretend to take a few 'funny' shots where everyone could make faces etc before asking them to smile. Get it out of their systems.

ShadeofViolet · 18/06/2013 16:26

I would welcome a reason not to buy it. They are always expensive.

BeerTricksPotter · 18/06/2013 16:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loutwenty · 18/06/2013 16:28

I must say though, it's not a formal photo. They are lined up against the playground wall, all casual, leaning on each other like a massive pop band. Some are reclining on the astroturf. They all look bloody miserable to be fair.

DH said it looks like they are being lined up to be shot.

dozily · 18/06/2013 16:29

I think this could have been solved with a combination of Photoshop + detention

squeakytoy · 18/06/2013 16:29

"Wouldn't bother me but then I never buy the class photo. I don't want pictures of other peoples kids."

I wouldnt look at it that way though.. I still have the class photos from when I was at school and they are a great memory. The photos are not just for you. :)

CPtart · 18/06/2013 16:29

I personally wouldn't like it. I want family and friends to look at the picture and coo over my DC not have yours steal the limelight!

Not a fan of these new style photos though anyway tbh.

MrsDeVere · 18/06/2013 16:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie · 18/06/2013 16:30

YABU if they let ONE child appear looking silly, then the rest of them will do it next time. It shows a lack of respect.

McNewPants2013 · 18/06/2013 16:33

Ds class photos are put on his bedroom wall. They are for him.

plainjaney · 18/06/2013 16:34

LMAO I would have loved that, but I guess other parents might not see it the same way.
Every school photo I ever had of DS (now 20) had his tongue out. It only occurred to me when he got to about ten that it was because he was short tongued and the photographer would make him say 'Cheese'. (try saying cheese with a lisp. Yep, now you get it Wink)
I just told him to smile after that and say nothing.

Floggingmolly · 18/06/2013 16:34

He did it in all three shots? Hmm. That's pretty extreme attention seeking; and I wouldn't want to buy the photo.
What's your gripe, anyway? Do you think the school over reacted? I don't.

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