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LittleMissStressy · 16/06/2013 17:29

Since going back to work I'm struggling to keep up with the housework and spend quality time with my child and as a result my house is really disgusting. After much thought I decided on a cleaner and asked around for recommendations. After meeting today I'm having second thoughts. A one off deep clean will be £50 which I'm very happy with however after that I'm looking at 3 hours a week to do my hall, kitchen, small bathroom, tiny toilet, living room and to Hoover one bedroom. No washing, ironing or beds to be done and one bedroom isn't to be touched at all.

Does this seem right?

OP posts:

marriedinwhiteagain · 16/06/2013 17:38

No it sounds too much unless she's doing a weekly clean that involves wiping down paintwork and dustin books, etc..

In three hours my cleaner: Hoovers three floor 6 bed house, mops hall and kitchen, cleans three bathrooms and utility and flicks a duster round.

I have a deep clean from a company once a year and that's about 350 not including carpets.


trinity0097 · 16/06/2013 17:40

My cleaner cleans our 3 bed typical semi in 3 hrs a week. She doesn't do windows though. She also tidies up as she goes. Includes mopping kitchen and bathroom floor, hoovering every room and stairs, cleaning shower, two toilets, two bathroom sinks, plus kitchen etc..


crazypaving · 16/06/2013 18:02

no tidying or washing up or ironing here. 3 bed house with 1 bathroom plus another toilet - 2 hrs easy.


schoolgovernor · 16/06/2013 18:31

I used to do cleaning and that is far too much time. 2 hour job, and then she'll be running out of work before the end of the time. So I'd expect her to do some little extras to keep the place nice, like swiping a damp cloth over skirtings and radiators, cleaning internal windows (not all at once).
Do you only have one bedroom? Because quite honestly if you have more she should be able to dust and hoover another couple in two hours. To give an example, I used to clean for an elderly couple in a typical 3 bed semi. They had a bathroom with bath and shower, a separate toilet, a large sitting room, dining room, and of course kitchen, stairs, landing hallway. That was 2 busy hours, including washing floors in kitchen, bathroom and toilet.
Trinity's house sounds more like a 3 hour clean.


Alanna1 · 16/06/2013 18:36

My cleaner takes 4.5 hours to do large living-diner and kitchen crowded with toys, 1 utility, 1 large hallway, 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms on 2 floors plus some ironing.. But I think she has about 30 mins more than she usually needs. But sometimes its a huge mess...


FingersCrossedLegsNot · 16/06/2013 18:44

From reading this I think my cleaner is having me on. We pay her ?50 for 5 hours for a small three bed house with sitting room and kitchen diner. She hovers, washes floors, cleans bathroom, cleans kitchen and dusts.

Often I come back to no dusting done whatsoever and if I have dishes left by he sink these are not touched!


Yonionekanobe · 16/06/2013 18:47

Agree - too much. We have five hours for a four bed and washing/ironing.


LittleMissStressy · 16/06/2013 19:32

Thank you all. In reply to school it's a 2 bed but I hate the thought of a stranger invading my space so my room will not be touched and my childs room is only to Hoover visible space not to tidy (if messy to leave everything). Also my child is older and all toys are stored in bedroom so living room is fairly minimalist.

OP posts:

fabergeegg · 16/06/2013 20:38

I would expect that to be done in 90 mins, two hours max. Plus loads of washing done throughout. I also think £50 is taking the biscuit, but then I haven't had a one-off clean.


parakeet · 16/06/2013 20:47

We have a three-bedroom semi with one bathroom. In three hours (£9 an hour) my cleaner thoroughly cleans the kitchen and bathroom (including mopping floors), and hoovers and dusts the rest of the house.

Tell her it should take her only two hours.

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