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Old Milk

3 replies

Summerblaze · 16/06/2013 07:25

About an hour ago DS2 (14 months) found half a cup of milk, probably about 12 hours old and drank it. When I smelt the empty cup, it didn't smell great but not really disgusting IYSWIM.

DH thinks he will be fine but I am panicking. I am super careful usually about food safety, best before dates etc. DS2 seems fine at the moment.

OP posts:

Summerblaze · 16/06/2013 07:26

Posted this in the wrong topic so will change it to AIBU to be worried Smile.

OP posts:

HollyBerryBush · 16/06/2013 07:30

If it was 'off' he wouldn't be able to drink it - milk is vile when it goes sour.

Even if he could stomach it, it won't kill him - old bread recipes used sour milk (not to be confused with soured milk, different thing)


Lweji · 16/06/2013 07:50

12 hours old is not too bad.

That's about the time it takes to make yogurt and that's at about 37oC.

I have drank cups of milk I left from breakfast (so at least 8 hours old - rushing around and forgetting) and they were fine, even though they had been heated initially in the microwave.

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