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to ask why can't I sleep?

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Bobyan · 16/06/2013 01:42

And I'm shattered!

OP posts:

AgentZigzag · 16/06/2013 01:51

What have you got running round your head?


freddiefrog · 16/06/2013 01:54

I don't know, but I can't sleep either

I'm absolutely knackered as I didn't sleep very well last night either, not worried or stressed about anything, but sleep eludes me


PareyMortas · 16/06/2013 02:06

Me too, DH woke me up to ask if I'd said goodnight, he was half asleep and went back to snoring and now I'm wide awake.


deleted203 · 16/06/2013 02:15

Welcome to my life, people! I have been a chronic insomniac for donkeys' years. Sleep constantly eludes me.


AgentZigzag · 16/06/2013 02:20

And he's still alive Parey?? Shock

You're very measured in your response.


xylem8 · 16/06/2013 02:23

me neither


amazingmumof6 · 16/06/2013 05:23

I'm still awake and this is the 3rd "Owl" thread I'm posting on tonight!
OP you are clearly not alone!


Buzzardbird · 16/06/2013 05:29

Its my birthday! I am also a chronic insomniac.


amazingmumof6 · 16/06/2013 05:38

happy birthday! Thanks


ilovecolinfirth · 16/06/2013 05:46

Put your phones, iPads, etc in another room. Guaranteed to help with sleep!


Bobyan · 16/06/2013 09:16

And now I've been up for two hours and I'm sleepy!

OP posts:

lljkk · 16/06/2013 09:19

I never had perfect sleep but last 2.5 months have been terrible. Blech. I think I'm getting used to it, though.


WestieMamma · 16/06/2013 09:43

I got a weighted blanket because of my chronic insomnia. Absolutely bloody fantastic. I was sceptical to begin with, but have slept like a log since I started using it.


GeordieCherry · 16/06/2013 09:45

Happy birthday Buzzard Thanks


Buzzardbird · 16/06/2013 18:26

Thank you amazing and Geordie Thanks


lessemin · 16/06/2013 18:30

Weighted blanket?


lessemin · 16/06/2013 18:32

If I take an antihistamine I sleep like a log.


lljkk · 16/06/2013 19:06

Funky. But £££. 3 duvets does me.


Nokidshere · 16/06/2013 19:11

I cant sleep, have had insomnia for years but have learned to cope on less sleep.

I dont have any sensory issues but lljkk I love that website - as a childminder some of that stuff would be ace ;)


lljkk · 16/06/2013 19:14

I think I'm turning into Margaret Thatcher (sleep wise).
Actually, I'd love to have even half of her determination. Envy


throckenholt · 16/06/2013 19:35

I am erratic at sleeping - sometimes fine, other times wake up at stupid o'clock and can't get back to sleep. Particularly bad when I have to be alert the next day (of course).

I have just started reading Paul McKenna's I can make you sleep. It is interesting if nothing else - might be worth a read - you can pick up a second hand copy for a few pounds.


KittensoftPuppydog · 16/06/2013 19:42

Right. Did have terrible problem. Now fine.
Bedtime routine, no tv in bedroom, listen to a story on iplayer (poirot or something similar is good. Not that exciting). Wear buff round eyes. Pretty much go off to sleep as soon as buff is on.


monkeynuts123 · 16/06/2013 19:46

I'm always ok unless I HAVE to have a good night sleep, like before travel or interview or anything remotely pressured and then I can lay awake all night. Anyone else have that problem? It really bothers me because I know I won't be at my best when I most of all need to be. Argh!


Bobyan · 16/06/2013 19:51

I've got a lot on my mind which I'm sure is part of it. But last night I just couldn't get comfortable...

OP posts:

kennyp · 16/06/2013 21:15

go to bed cold. stay away from ipads and computers etc. if you wake up do notttttt look at the clock. those things helped me when i couldnt sleep. hope you get some soon!

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