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To really fancy

27 replies

MrsJohnHarrison · 15/06/2013 22:45

Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages? I know he's a creepy weirdo, but fuck he looks & sounds hawt!

OP posts:

elQuintoConyo · 15/06/2013 22:49

Not at all (although I haven't seen the film).
I'm a galumphing great moose, but DH fancied me enough to marry me - I'll never figure it out!


valiumredhead · 15/06/2013 22:49

He does not! Shock


AKissIsNotAContract · 15/06/2013 22:51

YABU. I'd sooner shag David Cameron.


Fairylea · 15/06/2013 22:52

I have heard others say this.

Watch him in oblivion. Super twat as usual.

All world order will once again be restored :)


AmyFarrahFowlerCooper · 15/06/2013 22:54

YABU for using the word "horny".

Other than that YANBU Grin


HappyJustToBe · 15/06/2013 22:54

Luckily we all have different tastes...!


valiumredhead · 15/06/2013 22:56

David Cameron is pushing it a bit far tbhShock


Fairylea · 15/06/2013 22:57

I'd hope David Cameron isn't pushing it anywhere.

(:) )


MrsJohnHarrison · 15/06/2013 23:00

David Cameron? Yeuch!
TBF, DH is away with work just going into the 2nd week of 2 and immid cycle Wink (tmi sorry)
Am off to BCAS to cleanse my brain!

OP posts:

valiumredhead · 15/06/2013 23:14

Now I'm weighing up if Nick Clegg is worse than DC...


mrsjay · 15/06/2013 23:24

Oh god no he is gross in R O A but whatever tickles your pickle Hmm


superbadspeller · 15/06/2013 23:27

Ick his jaw is weird and his eyes boogle and he's really wee. Although i think owen and luke wilson deserve one Grin


mrsjay · 15/06/2013 23:29

Luke wilsons mouth is too pouty it is distracting


MrsJohnHarrison · 15/06/2013 23:39

Ooh forgot about the Wilsons Grin
I'm usually more of a Cumberbatch fan! Nick Clegg?Hmm

OP posts:

superbadspeller · 16/06/2013 00:03

I like a pretty pouty mouth all puckered and ready to go Grin i cannot see the attraction in the sherlock man he has weeny eyes i can't stick little creepy eyes and he has curly hair i think thats a major nooo!


Burmillababe · 16/06/2013 00:08

I have never fancied Tom Cruise before but I have to confess that he is HOT in Rock of Ages!! I saw The Truman Show today as well and realised Jim Carrey is rather fit (when not pulling silly faces)! Not something I would admit in RL though! Blush Grin


treaclesoda · 16/06/2013 00:12

I remember reading special features on Tom Cruise in Blue Jeans magazine. I think I thought he was rather handsome then. But then I grew up and discovered he was rather creepy. No one else here remember s Blue Jeans, do they?


superbadspeller · 16/06/2013 00:16

I think jim carrey is a very attractive man. However, after seeing him doing the bumming and being gay with ewan mcgregor i just get a red face thinking about his slim lythe body doing the bum sex whenever i think of him Blush


superbadspeller · 16/06/2013 00:17

That made total sense in my head Hmm


QueenOfCats · 16/06/2013 00:19

I only fancy Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder. I find his dance as the credits roll strangely erotic Blush


MrsJohnHarrison · 16/06/2013 00:24

super it's in Cumberbatches voice. The voice seduces you, then you notice his hands, then his torso...

OP posts:

minouminou · 16/06/2013 00:41

I said many years ago that TC was evil.... I was right.
Another one not feeling the Cumbersnatch here, too.


Burmillababe · 16/06/2013 00:42

treaclesoda I remember Blue Jeans - it was fab! Grin


superbadspeller · 16/06/2013 01:39

I've never heard him speak Blush i record mostly anerican shows and skip the ads or watch qi, tbh i'm surprised i know who anyone on british telly is Grin

Tom hanks is one i like and that boy of his who is probably older than me both lovely looking and smooth of voice :)


LetsFaceTheMusicAndDance · 16/06/2013 01:47

YAB a bit U
I prefer his twin sister Sandi Toksvig tbh

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