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To be completely infuriated with Npower?

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thefuturesnotourstosee · 14/06/2013 16:09

They have sent me 3 bills all dated June 8th.

One is for £630 credit. One is for £432 credit. One is for £269 to pay them.

I've been trying to get a bill out of them since i left them in February. Now I have 3 all completely different. I phoned up only to be informed that the only one that is right is the £269 and the other two are only billed up to August last year.

I knew a credit was too good to be true (cynical me???) but I keep thinking that if I'd been for example elderly and confused I could have easily spent the money I'd put aside to pay my final bill and sat awaiting a huge credit to my account when in fact they were about to take nearly £300 from me.

AIBU to just want a clear bill which does not require me to spend 20 minutes on the phone while the company try to work out what they themselves mean?

OP posts:

SusanneLinder · 14/06/2013 16:16

N power are PITA's. We have a complaint in againts them.YANBU


EagleRiderDirk · 14/06/2013 17:22

Yanbu at all. They totally missold to oh and on top of that it takes all my skills as an analyst to figure out their bills which usually marry up eventually but only because we refuse to allow them to change direct debits when they want and only allow our agreed changes at year end.


SueDoku · 14/06/2013 18:02

I left them several years ago after being sent an estimated bill, seeing that I'd used considerably less units than their estimate, sending in the correct reading - and getting a bill that was £28 higher..! After spending hours on the phone being totally bamboozled by masses of figures, it appeared that it was because the first bill had been sent out at the end of February and the corrected one in March - so their method of charging had changed (gone up) in between the two.... I eventually paid and exited stage left. Npower are bastards. Angry


tmae · 14/06/2013 19:24

npower are terrible, my parents neighbour had a massive amount owed to them but died before paying it off, mysteriously the amount she owed was added onto my parents bill (and this was £2000ish) so my parents knew it was wrong as they hadn't suddenly used that much more gas/electricity, plus there was a different meter number on the bill. Once this was pointed out to them, they sent my parents another bill for the same amount but with the meter number changed...

It took a good couple of years to sort out, needless to say I wouldn't go near them


zoobaby · 14/06/2013 19:57

Haha. Funny to see they're running true to form. The ombudsman awarded us a nice little compensation from them Grin.


Cabbageleaves · 14/06/2013 20:17

Zoobaby. How did you get compensation. Currently with a utility company who have failed to bill me correctly for 10 months. They are claiming I owe them £500 more than I do and ask that it is all paid before I can leave. Each time I call, the call centre investigate and agree online that they are both billing me for a time period when I wasn't with them, have billed me for a meter that isn't mine and haven't used the meter readings that have been supplied nor read them!!!!! They promise to investigate in 28 days and never do. I call again and get automated messages saying they will call back. They never do.

I've given up until they get their act together but tbh I want to leave them. Part of me is now ignoring it because despite my very best efforts (repeated attempts by phone letter, email and online contact-I have evidence of all) I can't get them to sort it


EagleRiderDirk · 14/06/2013 20:53

cabbage we had to threaten the ombudsman with npower to get compensation. Do the same with yours and if they don't sort by x then go to the ombudsman. Odd we're still with them, but we figured out they were the cheapest provider for us plus I'm totally on top of them constantly.


Cabbageleaves · 14/06/2013 21:28

I've just googled Ofgem and the Ombudsman. I'll have to compose another letter tomorrow. Thanks


EagleRiderDirk · 14/06/2013 21:30

Good luck cabbage

I've just re-read my post and it seems wierd. OH was missold but we've stayed with as we're now on a fully researched package we requested after we got them for misselling. Eek.

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