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to refuse to do my classmate's work for him?

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MrsCosmopilite · 14/06/2013 13:21

We've just finished an assignment which I had a lot of input into, where I drew out some very tricky diagrams using a particular software programme that I've taught myself to use.

The assignment had an element of group work, but his contribution was minimal - he was to research a particular area, but actually compiled very little data, and that was on the wrong area (somewhere with a similar name).

He has just emailed to ask me if I know what grade I got for the assignment, and whether I can 'help' him to draw a similar diagram for his dissertation.

Seeing as he has neither the software nor the knowledge to produce the diagram, effectively I would be doing this for him. In my own time. For free. Towards his dissertation.

So far I have fobbed him off with the excuse that I have very limited time, and told him where he can source the software.

Incidentally, when we were recently handing in another assignment, 20 mins before it was due in, he handed me his laptop and asked me to write the conclusion to his work because apparently I 'write stuff well'.

OP posts:

5Foot5 · 14/06/2013 13:25

Well if you did it for him once he obviously thinks you are a soft touch! Cheeky f*her. Definitely refuse.

"Sorry I have enough work on comleting my own assignments without doing half of yours as well"


DamnBamboo · 14/06/2013 13:25

Of course YANBU.

Just say 'do it yourself'


YouStayClassySanDiego · 14/06/2013 13:26

Carry on saying you have no time to help and also mention to him that it is unfair of him to ask you to do his work for him.

He sounds like a cheeky git.


EarthtoMajorTom · 14/06/2013 13:26

Ask him if he needs his arse wiping while you're about it.
What a dickhead.


50shadesofbrown · 14/06/2013 13:29

Aside from cheeky, are you at university? If you are caught deliberately doing work for a fellow student, you could both get in quite a lot of trouble. I wouldn't risk it.


MrsCosmopilite · 14/06/2013 13:32

Yes, at uni, and he has a bloody cheek!

He's now asked if I can send him a copy of my completed assignment (nothing to do with his dissertation) so he can figure out how I put the diagram together.

I think I'll just send him the section with that in. It bears no relation to what he's doing, and is in a pdf so he can't copy it.

OP posts:

SybilRamkin · 14/06/2013 13:34

You definitely shouldn't do it for him, cheeky bugger! Doing it for him would not be following the Way of Mrs Cosmopilite Grin


MrsCosmopilite · 14/06/2013 13:38

Indeed, Sybil - I should have said, "Well I'll go the foot of our stairs" and brandished a broom at him.

OP posts:

SybilRamkin · 14/06/2013 13:39

Indeed, or "I'm not as green as I'm cabbage-looking"!


jeee · 14/06/2013 13:41

Err, Mrs Cosmopilite, don't even give him that section - if the work's run through anti-plagiarism software, it could be thrown up, and you could be in trouble.


GroupieGirl · 14/06/2013 13:43

I have a friend who does this - although we have the sort of relationship where when he asks me to write his essays/help him with his exams (online) I can simply tell him to bugger off. He chanced it a few times in our first year, but other than a few texts asking about deadlines/word counts (which he should know, and could find out online with little more effort than texting me) he's pretty much stopped asking for my help. Be firm!


50shadesofbrown · 14/06/2013 13:43

If you want to send him a copy of a diagram as am example that would probably be ok, but I'd email it, make sure you keep the email, & ' casually' mention in the email that he will obviously need to do his own as it relates to different subject etc. If he is caught cheating, you'll have proof that you told him it was only to be used as an example - cover your back!

Definitely don't do any work for him though, you could seriously be sent down or at least lose credits if you are caught. Also you would not get a good reference when you leave university, so this would seriously affect your job prospects.


MrsCosmopilite · 14/06/2013 14:06

he already has the diagram, and what was talked about in my assignment is very specific to that diagram. His dissertation is on a completely different topic, but may need to follow the same pattern with regard to the drawing up of a diagram.

I have sent him the section which explains my diagram, but with an email saying it is FOR REFERENCE purposes.

All our work goes through anti-plagiarism software, and my tutor has already asked for an additional copy of my assignment which he wants to send to a third party. The subject matter of the assignment related to a document produced by that third party, and one of the provisos of OUR work was that 'if deemed comprehensive enough, a copy may be passed to X for their reference and guidance'.

OP posts:

Hookedonclassics · 14/06/2013 14:15

I would tell him you've assisted him far and above considered "class-mate" help, if he asks any more, you will report him to the head of year/course tutor etc.


EldritchCleavage · 14/06/2013 14:43

Oh for God's sake! Why are you spoonfeeding him?

I volunteer as a representative for students in trouble with their college and I've just had to defend a student who narrowly avoided being thrown out for plagiarism assistance by sending another student his work in very similar circs. He marked it for reference only too. The educating body pointed out that showed he considered copying was a real risk but sent his work anyway.

Please don't send him work. Just tell him to do his own. You don't owe him help and it isn't in your interests to send him your work.


Elquota · 14/06/2013 14:46

Go to the tutor and say you're concerned that X might need a bit of extra help with his assignment because he asked to copy yours.


MrsCosmopilite · 14/06/2013 14:49

Just to clarify - the assignment is in. Went in weeks ago, and it's just been marked.

He was after me doing work on a diagram for his dissertation. The dissertation is on a totally different topic to the assignment so the work would just guide him.

I've told him I can't do his work for him, suggested he refers to his own notes about how me did the diagram (and he's come back and said he didn't take any), and pointed him to software that he can use.

Needless to say, he's gone all silent on me.

OP posts:

RobotLover68 · 14/06/2013 14:52

pdf's can be copied if you have the right software, just thought you should


RobotLover68 · 14/06/2013 14:52



EldritchCleavage · 14/06/2013 15:09

Sorry, my last post sounded rude.

He sounds pretty clueless. I suspect you'll hear no more know he's realised you're not going to do the work for him.


thefuturesnotourstosee · 14/06/2013 16:01

Please don't get involved OP.

When I was at university, I missed 3 weeks through illness. A lovely fellow student very kindly left me copies of all his lecture notes and the essays he'd done during that time in my pigeon hole. I didnt ask him for it but he left it all with a note saying "sorry you've been ill, I know you'll be worried about catching up so I hope the enclosed helps any problems or questions please come and ask me".

The head of department noticed what he'd done (saw package in my pigeon hole) and we were both hauled in. He was told he shouldn't have done it and I was told to hand it all back to him and get standard notes from the lecturers and that I'd have to research all my own essays in my own time though I was given extended deadlines

They knew I'd been very unwell and he had best of intent but it was made clear it was not acceptable


MammaTJ · 14/06/2013 16:09

I am just about to finish an access course and have Simons who constantly asks for this kind of help! Over two years of us 'forgetting' and he still hasn't given up. Nip it in the bud!

I am off to uni in September and will be working hard enough on my own work without helping others.

My tutor tells me I have quite a distinctive style of writing anyway, so it would be easily spotted.


MammaTJ · 14/06/2013 16:10

Simons?!?! someone


PeterParkerSays · 14/06/2013 16:20

How did you get the software to teach yourself how to use it. Did you just use trial and error, or the online help function for the software or borrow a book from the library etc?

I'd contact him saying, "I learnt how to use this software by doing X, Y and Z, so you can use the same tools", and leave it at that.


MrsCosmopilite · 14/06/2013 18:32

Well it'll soon become clear that he has no clue, so no concerns on that front. I'm not offering any more help - he can do it all himself.

I bought the software through a student subscription/offer which effectively took 2/3 off the price. I'd used it about a year ago on the PCs at college and pretty much used trial and error to work out what to do.
It's pretty straightforward if you take a logical approach, but that's where he falls down.

I have pointed him in the direction of software, reference materials and the original diagram and as you say, Eldritch he is relatively clueless and I doubt I'll hear any more now that I have been clear that I'm not doing the work for him.

As it is, I want to spend some time over the summer starting to put my dissertation proposal together.

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