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to be annoyed with my 15yr old son

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Greenkit · 13/06/2013 21:52

So i've just got into work, DS15 and DD16 are at home, dad is home from work at 22:00 (thats for those concerned about home alone kids).

Anyway, just logged on the facebook and saw a post from my DS, which says 'Girls like for a rate', I take this to mean girls will like his post and he will rate them on looks, or whatever..

AIBU to have texted him 'DS stop treating girls like objects with your like for a rate facebook post'?

OP posts:

Ilovesunflowers · 13/06/2013 21:55

What if it doesn't mean that at all?


cantspel · 13/06/2013 21:56

Teens spend 90% of their time rating each other on facebook and it is not just about looks.


cantspel · 13/06/2013 21:57

oh and delete him from your friends list. He is 15 and doesn't need you looking over his shoulder online.


Smartieaddict · 13/06/2013 21:59

YANBU. He is 15, so still a child, and does need his Mum looking over his shoulder online!


marriedinwhiteagain · 13/06/2013 22:05

Am surprised he hasn't deleted you. If you've just got to work what are you doing on facebook? [Hmm]


GeeandTea · 13/06/2013 22:15

No you aren't being unreasonable to at all. I know teenagers do this all the time but it doesn't make it ok. And if I ever saw dd doing it I would talk to her about why it wasn't ok to publicly 'rate' people, on looks or anything else. The only think I would suggest is that you had a chat to him about how to treat people so you can talk properly rather than sending him a text. Also, although I think you should be friends with your ds on Facebook, he may not agree if you keep pickin him up on stuff that he does on there.


GeeandTea · 13/06/2013 22:16

Picking. ?? Bloody phone.


livinginwonderland · 13/06/2013 22:19

Rating isn't just about looks. It's mostly about what you're like as a friend/person in general. YABU to suggest he deletes it or to comment about it, they're just chain status/games things they do when they're bored.


FunnysInLaJardin · 13/06/2013 22:19

after seeing my neighbours 15 yo son bearing his father coffin down the aisle today, tbh I would forgive a 15yo anything. I know he's not your son but it has made me think blimey some 'children' really have to grow up quickly. Only yesterday he was 8 and playing footy in the garden with his dad.


Greenkit · 13/06/2013 22:21

I wasnt 'on' facebook, so much as it flashed on my phone that someone had posted. He added me and is happy to have me on there. And I feel I should be keeping an eye on 'online' activities.

I just wanted to know if this kind of thing should be nipped in the bud, I dont want him rating girls, it shouldnt be about that.

OP posts:

crumblepie · 13/06/2013 22:21

yabu all kids do this , girls write this as well and girls and boys like the status, they do hot or not videos as well .

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