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We are moving soon and I am scared because

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wehaveourlifeback · 13/06/2013 21:52

we are giving our house back to social housing but whilst living here my family , and mainly I have been through 3 years of abuse, verbal and pysical threats ihfront of my my young c's and it has been hell.

My dc's have seen it all the, the police want to talk to the neighbours now, we are going in weeks so for me I want to go to our new home.

If we move and it continues I have said when we have left if it carry on's they are welcome to talk to them and do what is needed.

I just want a new start so aibu as I feel bad if it starts with the new family,but I have been so unhappy it has really taken a massive toll on my health and my children, it was both neighbours giving me a hard time at the same time.

What would you do?, I am scared the day we move they will start, I have already allocated family and friends to have our dc's.

Please advise.

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wehaveourlifeback · 13/06/2013 22:01


anyone please ?

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RandomMess · 13/06/2013 22:03

I'm not sure what decision you are wanting avice/opinions on?


pictish · 13/06/2013 22:04

I'm not sure what you're asking either.


Bogeyface · 13/06/2013 22:04

I am not sure what you mean.

Your neighbours have been abusing you? Do you know why? Has there been some perceived slight that they have taken offence at?

Where are you moving too in terms of distance? I think that they would have to be very determined to go any distance to find you just to abuse you, they probably did it just because you were next door and so an easy target. Are the police aware of your moving date? I would ask them to be in the area just in case.


pictish · 13/06/2013 22:05

Can ou clarify? You are moving away from abusive neighbours, and worry they will continue to harass you after you have moved? Is that it?


Bogeyface · 13/06/2013 22:06

Regarding the new people in your house, I am afraid that there is nothing you can do about that. I would feel bad too, but the only thing you can do is to inform the housing association of the abuse so they can monitor the situation and act on it a lot quicker if the new people complain.


thornrose · 13/06/2013 22:07

Are you scared that on your a actual moving day they will turn on you?


QOD · 13/06/2013 22:07

Are you leaving your children? Is really muddly op, you ok?


Pancakeflipper · 13/06/2013 22:08

Is it the new family moving into your current home you are worrying about?

You are not responsible for the abusive neighbours and their behaviour. You don't know this new family. They might be worse than your neighbours? They might get on. If they don't then it's already known the neighbours are troublesome. So hopefully it will be sorted much quicker than in your experience.

Move and repair yourself and concentrate on your family.


Bogeyface · 13/06/2013 22:09

I think that the OP has sorted out family and friends to have her kids on moving day incase her neighbours kick off. Sounds sensible to me.

OP, could you move very early in the morning or very late at night? Any time when they are less likely to be around?


wehaveourlifeback · 13/06/2013 22:17

I am scared on the day we move they will shout and be abusive,been advised by police to call them if any trouble .

I do not want my dc's around as they have seen me been verbally abused and assaulted infront of them.

They do not like me and the person concerned has become obsessed with me I was her project, scared she will continue when we move I have had three people against me whilst living here either side of me and more.

I almost hope who ever moves in is stronger than me.

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wehaveourlifeback · 13/06/2013 22:21

Just to let you know I have had death threats, notes on car, notes through door, police are aware and we are been looked after by police,kept a eye on.

HA know all about us I am just counting the days done to get my family out of here , just scared not for me but just want anew start for us all.

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Bogeyface · 13/06/2013 22:47

How far away are you moving?


5Foot5 · 13/06/2013 22:53

It sounds dreadful. No advice to offer but I just hope that where you are moving to is far enough away for the harassment to stop and that your new neighbours are lovely.


wehaveourlifeback · 14/06/2013 08:31

Not really far enough 5foot5, we will only have one neighbour.

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