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Dunno, you decide.

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nananaps · 13/06/2013 17:00

Because i am just too tired to think straight frankly.

Had pnd with my now 10 year old ds. Was awful.
I have a 5 month old who is fab fab fab Smile

As is to be expected, i am absolutely shattered as he is ebf and feeds every 2-3 hours day and night typically.

I have a large network of good freinds from work.
Was going to go out for a meal with them tonight but i cancelled as ds cluster feeds all evening and i am crap at expressing, just want a shower, pjs and to go to sleep.

The lady who arranges stuff would not take no for an answer, and has arranged for everyone ( there is 4 of them) to come to mine.
I was just too tired to argue in the end.
They are bringing cake (i am at slimming world and doing really great)
I have cleaned the house today as i always do when i have guests, i am so so tired.

Am i being a miserable old bag, kinda deliberately avoiding social situations as you do with PND or are they being pains insisting on harrassing me?
Dont think that PND is creeping back in as i feel good apart from the exhaustion.

OP posts:
Forgetfulmog · 13/06/2013 20:08

Btw I would still tell you YANBU if your DS was 9 mo Smile

RandomMess · 13/06/2013 20:11

Hope you're enjoying yourself!!!

Ashoething · 13/06/2013 20:14

God I can never understand parents who wont leave their dcs for a few hours-I cant bloody wait to get away from mine most of the timeGrin. YANBU to be tired op.YABU a little to not have bit the bullet and gone out for an hour-time away from being a mum does you the world of good.

nananaps · 14/06/2013 10:13

Well they came, one of them brought along her daughter who i dont even know, they all squeezed into my living room.

The cake was MAGNIFICENT, they made thier own tea Smile
I fed and fed and fed ds as is normal in the evenings, crushed into one end of my sofa.

They left at 9.30 (i have been going to bed at 8ish most nights, so was a walking zombie) I cant even recall what the gossip was. They talked about new people at work who i dont know, so i couldnt join in really.

BUT i think "get over yourself" its all fine, i love their company usually and wouldnt want them to stop asking me out so it was worth it to keep that up.

OP posts:
50shadesofbrown · 14/06/2013 13:25

Sounds like you had a good evening, even though you did feel like a walking zombie. At least they had the grace to leave at a vaguely reasonable time. Most people who've not had a baby (recently) either don't know or have forgotten the crushing exhaustion of months of interrupted nights.

UniqueAndAmazing · 14/06/2013 14:45

there you go. :)

glad you went with it.

And now you know you can cope (and that they're reasonable by refreshing themselves and leaving at a reasonable hour), you will be okay doing it again (but not for at least a month)

FeegleFion · 14/06/2013 14:51

YANBU - I feel the same with my 6 month old.

He's still up a lot through the night.

But, but, but, they're coming because they care. You'll really enjoy the break from the norm and it will do you the world of good.

FeegleFion · 14/06/2013 14:53

Sorry...clumsy bastard here offering input far too late as per

Glad you enjoyed the catch up.

quesadilla · 14/06/2013 16:38

I think they are well-intentioned but actually a bit U. Its one thing to suggest it if you don't feel like going out but to not take no for an answer is tactless.
If you think it might turn out ok then maybe go along with it for a bit but if the idea is upsetting you tell them politely but firmly that sorry but you're really not up for it and they need to do it elsewhere. If they are real friends they will understand.

quesadilla · 14/06/2013 16:38

x-posted, sorry

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