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to book a Park Resort holiday and expect to have nice time?

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SonShines · 10/06/2013 22:39

Amazing deal on Groupon, very tempted and after looking at their website I'm having visions of a lovely, comfortable, long weekend. My memory of English holiday camps is telling me something different though...

Has anyone been, can you tell me what it's really like?

Looking at IOW, if any, I think.

OP posts:
shewhowines · 12/06/2013 20:23

As a place to lay your head, a silver or preferably gold will be fine. I wouldn't go for a bronze. Check the groupon deal isnt bronze. Use it as a base and don't expect too much of the entertainment. The IOW is fantastic. There is so much to and it is all easily accessible.

Tilly333 · 12/06/2013 21:10

surely a holiday is what you make it....just make the most of the accommodation whatever it is, relax and have fun.

FutTheShuckUp · 12/06/2013 21:19

Been to the Camber Sands one several times, always found it clean, lots of stuff to do, of course you get the odd few chavs like anywhere else these days but never had any trouble. The one thing that does let it down imo is the cost of the drinks/food/shops there but again you can shop at the nearby supermarkets and just been strong and say no to spending stupid money on site!

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