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to bash sleeping DH over the head?

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AllIWant85 · 09/06/2013 22:49

Went to bed early tonight as very tired. DH stayed up watching TV with the dog, I took DS to bed with me.

DH came to bed 20 mins ago, within 5 mins he was fast asleep.

Dog starts whining downstairs. I go down to him and let him out. He has a huge pee! One of those ones where you think he may have turned into a statue! :o

Comes back in and goes straight to his bowl...empty. no water at all. I fill it up for him and he inhales it he's so thirsty.

So that means DH did not get him water all evening and did not let him out for a late night wee. Annoying but hey ho.

Back upstairs I think I'll just have a quick wee before going back to bed. I cleaned the bathroom this morning from top to bottom. The toilet is now pebbledashed. It wasn't like that when I went to bed. Now I'm annoyed! Angry

To top it off I get back into bed and DH is snoring. Am very tempted to whack him with something!

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OutragedFromLeeds · 09/06/2013 23:06


Roll him out the bed and then say take a 'oh sorry DH did I knock you out! Never mind, now you're up you can go and see to the dog and clean the toilet you dirty fecker' approach.


SirBoobAlot · 09/06/2013 23:09

I'd opt for poking him. With the toilet brush.


AllIWant85 · 10/06/2013 09:33

I opted for the stealth jab in the ribs as I'm turning over approach! It stopped the snoring at least!

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