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Name and shame - Thomas Cook and Travel Republic

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Val007 · 09/06/2013 21:43

AIBU to think they shouldn't be charging full room price for an infant?
Travel Republic charges this outright and Thomas Cook advertises one price, then when you go to pay, they show a discount for the infant, but the price for the adults is increased by an almost identical total as if the infant is charged full price. I think this is cheating. Anyone has experience of this? I have spent the day looking for a beach holiday and so far, Thompson and are the only ones who don't charge for an infant (just the flight). I am really frustrated!

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Pigsmummy · 09/06/2013 22:02

Pop into a travel agents, they will help, it doesn't sound right to me and the trave, agent will be grateful for the business.


Val007 · 09/06/2013 22:03

Thank you Smile. I will do just that!

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HairyPotter · 09/06/2013 22:09

They don't charge full price, it's usually £29 for infants. The problem is a glitch in the website, the price you see on screen is usually correct, unfortunately it divides it by 3 to work out an average price pp including the infant instead of just two adults. You could try pricing it just for adults to see how much it is and them again with the infant. It should only be a difference of £29 for short haul destinations.

No idea about travel republic though.


Val007 · 09/06/2013 22:23

HairyPotter, you are right about Thomas Cook! But it is very misleading, nevertheless... Thank you very much for the explanation!

OP posts:

HairyPotter · 09/06/2013 22:25

I know, it catches most people out. No idea why they don't fix it.

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