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To think this man was rude to my DD?

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Hellonewworld · 09/06/2013 14:37

We were eating out at a well known carvery restaurant yesterday and as the chef served my DD she asked for an extra Yorkshire as they only allocate one on the plate, she then also requested if she could have some of the fresh meat as she had been given the last scraping's and to be fair it was rather fatty. He then began to mutter under his breath that she was a 'pain in the arse' and that he was 'never serving us lot again'. We calm calmly carried on and didn't confront him but am I overreacting or is this extremely unprofessional and rude behaviour? Shock

OP posts:

DeepPurple · 09/06/2013 14:39

Rude and unproffessional


hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman · 09/06/2013 14:40

Very rude and unprofessional. I think I would've had to have said something about that either to him or to a manager.


pumpkinsweetie · 09/06/2013 14:41

Very rude indeed!


Fairylea · 09/06/2013 14:41

He was rude. I worked as a catering manager for many years and while we had strict guidelines about how many or much of anything to give if anyone actually asked for something extra like a pud then we'd give it and smile. After all you'd want the return business. You'd just try not to let the whole line see!

And the meat should be the same quality regardless of the beginning or end of a joint. If it's all fatty etc we would have discarded that bit.


Tee2072 · 09/06/2013 14:41

You should have complained to the manager. The guy was an ass and unprofessional and rude.


WeAreEternal · 09/06/2013 14:42

I would call and make a complaint, that is extremely rude and unprofessional.


helenthemadex · 09/06/2013 14:42

very rude, I would be writing a complaint


justmuddlingalong · 09/06/2013 14:42

I hate getting the last bit of the roast too. All the wee bits instead of proper slices, so your daughter was perfectly entitled to have asked for what was being paid for. He was extremely rude and unprofessional. I would have left him with a loud 'thank you, see you next week'


C999875 · 09/06/2013 14:43

He was rude. very rude.
I would have laid a complaint believe me. When I pay for a service I expect to get one. and I refuse to settle for second best. xx


NeoMaxiZoomDweebie · 09/06/2013 14:52

He said "arse"?? Who does he think he is! What a horrible man! There's nothing wrong with asking for fresh meat or in fact an extra something or other...many people are happy to offer things like this and I would write a complain too.


NatashaBee · 09/06/2013 14:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MissMarplesBloomers · 09/06/2013 15:04

Oh yes complain, you never know it could be the extra evidence the boss needs to get rid of have a stern word with him, if the management don't get to hear about it how can they improve the service.

I hope your DD wasn't overly upset by his crass rudeness & it didn't spoil your meal too much.

Bloody annoying.


Nanny0gg · 09/06/2013 15:44

I can't believe you didn't say something at the time!

How old is your DD?


ImperialBlether · 09/06/2013 15:46

Justmuddlingalong, instead of saying "thank you, see you next week", couldn't you just shout, "See you next Tuesday"?



EarlyInTheMorning · 09/06/2013 15:53

You should write and complain. That's totally unprofessional and rude. I can't believe you need to ask really...


justmuddlingalong · 09/06/2013 15:54

Grin Oh YY ImperialBleather! keeping hold of that one for future use.


SirChenjin · 09/06/2013 15:57

Someone called your daughter a PITA and you're asking if YABU??!!

I'd have gone through him there and then, called the manager, written to head office, and then gone through him once more for luck. That would be the very last time he ever, ever called anyone a PITA.


iklboo · 09/06/2013 16:33

See you next Tuesday or The Week After That Smile

Horrible service. You've every right to expect decent food / service without crass remarks from people.


Nanny0gg · 09/06/2013 16:52




SauvignonBlanche · 09/06/2013 16:55

I hope you complained.


Coconutty · 09/06/2013 16:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

80sMum · 09/06/2013 17:04

Definitely YANBU! I should think that person's manager would be horrified to be told that a front line employee had spoken to a customer in that manner!!

You should make a written complaint. The employee needs urgent training in customer service! He should get a disciplinary warning for that sort of behaviour imo.

Hope it didn't spoil your meal.

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