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To NOT go for a pinic on the beach?

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D0oinMeCleanin · 09/06/2013 12:07

It was a lovely day yesterday, we took the dogs to the local outdoors center for a good few hours and had a really nice time, the kids played on all the equipment and climbed the rocks, the dogs had a run off lead in a few of the secure areas there. We decided if today was as nice, we'd go for a picnic and spend the day at the beach.

It's cloudy today. It's still nice but chillier than yesterday with not much sun.

I've told dd1 that we are not going, it's not sunny enough to spend the entire afternoon on the beach or sit and have a picnic there because it is always colder at the beach, than where we live, so will be quite chilly to be sitting about all afternoon on the sand.

She is now crying and saying I promised we'd go (I said we'd go if it was hot like yesterday) and I've broken my promise. She was looking forward to it all morning and has even packed her cosy because I said she could swim in the sea.

I've told her we will take a walk along the seafront, if she wants, but that it will be too cold to sit and have a picnic and swim in the sea. She is now in her room crying Sad

AIBU? I feel bad for telling her we'd go and then cancelling but I really don't think it will be very comfortable to sit on the beach all afternoon.

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D0oinMeCleanin · 09/06/2013 21:21

We went for a walk along the beach, when we got there the sun burned through the clouds and we had no cosies or picnics [ooops]

We let them splosh in the sea and got fish and chips then walked along to the lagoon where I normally let our dogs run free. We usually drive there because it is a 5 mile walk. I think dd1 regrets begging to go now Grin

We've just got back.

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