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To be upset by this comment?

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Kasterborous · 06/06/2013 19:17

DD is teething at the moment and not her usual chirpy self. Not too bad just clingy and whiney. I spent all afternoon trying to find her something she would do for more than five mins, while trying to bake a cake for FIL birthday, and cook dinner. The cake is a disaster completely sunk in the middle.

DH comes home and says 'one thing I won't miss while you are both away next week, is her toys and books all over the house'. (Me and DD are going to stay with my parents for a week on Sunday). He didn't mean it in a getting at me way, but it really upset me. Made me feel like I don't do anything all day.

OP posts:

MrsWolowitz · 06/06/2013 19:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NotSoNervous · 06/06/2013 19:21


I think if you do what Mrs suggested he would faint Grin


plainjaney · 06/06/2013 19:22


Tell him that in about 15 years time he will sit and yearn for the days of toys and books all over the house as he sits worrying over the latest boyfriend, the GCSE mocks, what time she has to be home etc etc

He needs to enjoy the small years while he can because there will come a time when he looks at the spotless house and wonders where the bloody years went.


SisterMatic · 06/06/2013 19:23

YANBU. My DP has an uncanny knack for making me feel the same way. I do tidy up, but the toddler tornado is usually right behind me Grin


mrspaddy · 06/06/2013 19:24

YANBU.. I would be really upset.. some people in the world will never have the pleasure of having children's toys over their house. Those of us that do are very lucky.


landofsoapandglory · 06/06/2013 19:25

It wouldn't have bothered me tbh.


HotCrossPun · 06/06/2013 19:25

On Saturday you should tell your DH that you are going out for the day and leave him to pack the bags and look after your DD.

You sound like you need and deserve some chill out time to yourself. Thanks


Yonididnaedaethat · 06/06/2013 19:28

It wouldn't bother me, It is annoying coming home to toys everywhere.


TigOldBitties · 06/06/2013 19:28

YABU, you know he said it without malice and it wasn't a dig.

Sounds like you've had a shit day and are just tired and a bit sensitive, let it go, you'll forget it tomorrow.


SpanishFly · 06/06/2013 20:00

I don't get the connection with mentioning toys lying around equalling you don't do anything all day.

Toys are constantly lying around here too - which is irritating - but dh and I both know it's not because we sit around doing nothing. If your dh knows that too, then he clearly wasn't meaning it in the way you interpreted it

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