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To think After School Club should have informed me about this damage?

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BatmanLovesVodkaAndCherryade · 05/06/2013 20:37

We received our monthly bill today. Along with the usual invoice amount, it stated 'Damage to play equipment £1.00 WITNESSED BY MEMBER OF TO CAUSE'.

disclaimer - I am more than happy to pay a pound to cover damage my children have caused

Now, what I am cross about is I have no idea what this damage is. It could have occurred at any time in the last six weeks. The children aren't sure either. One thinks it might be when he hit a ball over the fence by accident, the other thinks it might be when he tried to hit a low ball with a racquet and it scraped along the ground.

AIBU to think that After School Club should have told us this at the time, not just invoice us x weeks later?

Not drip feeding 1: DS1 came home with his shorts full of holes in the bottom today after the adults pulled the children round the playground on bits of cloth.

Not drip feeding 2: The children attend a different after school club on 2 other nights after me being unhappy with other aspects. They still go on a Weds as it makes it easier for their dad to pick them up.

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tricksybaby200 · 05/06/2013 21:01

Ynbu. They should have told you what the damage was, plus I'm sure if your Ds had damaged equipment you'd want to deal with him yourself.

IMO You're rightly annoyed.


debduck · 05/06/2013 21:03

bloody hell, I think they are the ones being unreasonable. If he's damaged something then he should pay the quid anywho. You cnat deal with it if you dont know about it.


foslady · 05/06/2013 21:06

Definitely NBU - rhe £ is not the issue, the not discussing is. I'd be paying it in person and asking about the 'dragging' game.....


girliefriend · 05/06/2013 21:06

No yanbu, that would annoy me as well.

I would ring them and say what was damaged and ask why wasn't I informed at the time?

Also I would be Angry at the holes in the shorts tbh, maybe you could invoice the school for a new pair Grin


BatmanLovesVodkaAndCherryade · 05/06/2013 21:07

Absolutely I'd want to deal with him myself! I think it is beneficial when parents work with the people who look after their children and show a united front, but it's pretty hard when I don't know what's going on straightaway Hmm

I am frustrated, to say the least.

OP posts:

BatmanLovesVodkaAndCherryade · 05/06/2013 21:09

Grin at invoice for a new pair of shorts... tempting!

Yes, the pound could have come out of his pocket money (whichever child it was), and that would have been a lesson learned. Bit late now though...

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