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to think Race for Life is sexist?

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FoofFighter · 05/06/2013 19:07

Why can only women take part? I find it very strange to cut out 50% of the population from taking part. Do only women get cancer?

OP posts:
ladymariner · 05/06/2013 19:08

Is this really all you've got to think about????

ladymariner · 05/06/2013 19:09

Sorry posted too soon. Where we live there is the Race For Life but there are also races for men, my ds and his mate ran last year. It's supposed to be a bit of fun to raise a lot of money for a very good cause, I really don't see any reason to try and denigrate it....

FoofFighter · 05/06/2013 19:10

oh I'm sorry ladymariner, shall I run future genuine ponderings past you first before I post? Hmm

OP posts:
FreudiansSlipper · 05/06/2013 19:11

nothing to stop men organising a male only prostrate cancer run

it is no doubt started by women getting together to try and make changes, raise awareness and money

needaholidaynow · 05/06/2013 19:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NoobyNoob · 05/06/2013 19:12

YABU and daft

ladymariner · 05/06/2013 19:13

It was a prostate cancer run that my lot did here, it was great. The fellas all cheered us on in our race and then we did the same for them a couple of months later. My dad has prostate cancer (among everything else Sad ) so it was brilliant to feel we were doing even a little bit to battle it.

WineNot · 05/06/2013 20:21

This AGAIN??

Men have fund raising opportunities too. Like Movember.

Definition of Sexism.... "Prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex"

How on earth does RFL qualify? Let's focus on real honest-to-God sexism rather than seeing it where none exists, shall we?

squeakytoy · 05/06/2013 20:22

I am sure they will let you run with a grip in your hand...

Louise1956 · 05/06/2013 20:32

it's how life is now, unfortunately. only women matter, nobody cares if men get cancer.

WineNot · 05/06/2013 20:34

Which would be true if it weren't for the fact that RFL raises funds for all types of cancer, not just those suffered by women... Hmm

MonsterBookOfTyRexs · 05/06/2013 20:42

I agree with you op, mainly due to my dh being my running partner.
I was going to do the run with my sis and her wife but it would be horrible to not do it with dh.
We are doing a 'Mucky Run' instead and raising money that way.

Ilovemyself · 05/06/2013 20:44

To be fair it would be difficult for most women to do Movember.

I can see the point in the question. A very good friend of mine has just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Why couldn't I do it on her behalf. I would be happy to.

HollyBerryBush · 05/06/2013 20:45

To be fair it would be difficult for most women to do Movember

judging by last weeks threads, I feel some MN regulars could quite probably give DH a run for his money in the walrus stakes

Ilovemyself · 05/06/2013 20:47

I wasn't trying to be funny with that comment. I have just realised how bad it looks. Blush

WineNot · 05/06/2013 20:48

But no one is suggesting Movemver be banned because women can't take part?

I hope your friend recovers

WineNot · 05/06/2013 20:49

Not that I'm saying the OP or you are suggesting RFL be banned... But you know what I mean.

dementedma · 05/06/2013 20:50

I could do Movember....Grin.
This will be my 8th R4L and its a great feeling of sisterhood with it being all women. However, DH supports me every year by sponsoring me and coming along to cheer me on, and so does DS.

Ilovemyself · 05/06/2013 20:52

What I am getting at is it is pretty physically difficult for women to grow a tache, whereas it is not difficult to talk part in a race.

And thanks, it was a late diagnosis but the chemo seems to be working. Fingers crossed......

marjproops · 05/06/2013 20:52

okay turn this round then and RFL is for men only.

OP its sexism against men and theres too much of I going on.

Ilovemyself · 05/06/2013 20:52

Oh, and I am not saying rfl should be banned either.

marjproops · 05/06/2013 20:55

oops posted too soon and was going to delete tht last bit cos it wasnt worded properly.

meant that everyone goes on about ageism/sexism against women, this week has been the ann of the suffragette that threw herself in front of the horse etc etc, and all the talk of equality and stuff, yes I agree theres still lots of discrimination gainst women but theres the other side too and he pendulum swings the other way too in some cases.

I don't see why men cant race.

debduck · 05/06/2013 20:58

yes it is sexist, and I dont see the problem with that.

debduck · 05/06/2013 20:59

walk for life is for men only. Great. Enjoy boys. There are somethings that I, as a woman, dont want to be involved in. It's all the trumping and penis stroking that I cant cope with.

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