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To not send my DC into school with sunhats tomorrow?

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NeoMaxiZoomDweebie · 03/06/2013 13:14

Just had a txt about it. "Please send your children into school wearing sunhats" We dont' go back till tomorrow.

Mine never wear them. One hates hats and the other isn't bothered but always takes them off.

They're 8 and 5. It's not like we live in a really hot country ffs. We made them wear them when we were in Oz if we were out for more than half an hour.

But really, what's going to happen to them during their 15 minute playtime? Also....since they don't HAVE hats now, if I am being unreasonable and must go out and buy them, what kind shall I get?

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malteserzz · 03/06/2013 13:17

If they don't have hats they might not be allowed out to play. Schools have to be careful about children getting burnt and it's good for them to get used to wearing a hat in the sun. As for what sort I'd go to asda or primark and get a few cheap ones for school in case they get lost!


noisytoys · 03/06/2013 13:17

Get them one from the 99p shop just for school, a fabric one that'll fold and fit in the book bag just to keep the school happy


NeoMaxiZoomDweebie · 03/06/2013 13:17

Oh ffs. How are they going to get burnt if they have suncream on and they're only out for half an hour?

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nipersvest · 03/06/2013 13:18

yanbu. ime some parents go so overboard with hats and suncream, bit ott in the uk, and i speak as someone who have vary fair skin and burns easily.


Abra1d · 03/06/2013 13:19

Tell the school you are worried about them getting rickets from lack of vitamin D.


LindyHemming · 03/06/2013 13:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IwishIwasmoreorganised · 03/06/2013 13:20

I think YABU.

No we don't live in a really hot country but the sun here can still do damage. I think it's good that schools are trying to protect our dc and teach them about staying safe in the sun.

Are your dc really only outdoors for 15 minutes a day? Ours often spend prolonged periods outside not just for breaks but doing work too so I have no issue with sending hats and applying sun cream as the school requests.

Our 2 have these so that thier ears are covered too.


Startail · 03/06/2013 13:21

I gave up my two just lost them instantly. They wear them on holiday and on hot UK days out, but buying them for school was completely pointless.


MaisyMooCow · 03/06/2013 13:21

Just pop into a supermarket or Primark and pick up a cheap one.

We might not be a 'hot country' but when the sun shines the temperature are just as hot and dangerous as when you're abroad. It only takes a few minutes to get burnt and if you are burnt even once your risk of skin cancer in the future increases.


seeker · 03/06/2013 13:23

Well, my dd would most certainly get burned if she was out in the sun without a hat for 30 minutes at lunchtime, even if she was sun screened at 8.30 in the morning....


livinginwonderland · 03/06/2013 13:23

It's possible the school won't let them out to play if they don't have one on, so I would just go out and buy something cheap.

And YABU to think they might not get burnt just because this isn't Australia. I know the sun is much hotter there (I'm an Aussie!) but I've still been badly burnt sitting out in the sun in the UK for 1/2 an hour too.


Boosiehs · 03/06/2013 13:27


the sun in the UK is strong enough to get burnt - expecially for sensitive skin.

Better to be safe than sorry.


NeoMaxiZoomDweebie · 03/06/2013 13:29

I suppose it must be because my two are very olive complexioned. they just never burn...their Dad is Mediterranean so it must be that. They do wear sunscreen....they've never once had sunburn not once.

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NeoMaxiZoomDweebie · 03/06/2013 13:30

Its not as easy as "popping to the shops" for me. My nearest shops are 5 miles away and I have to ride my bike there. Oh well..that's my afternoon gone!

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Vivacia · 03/06/2013 13:31

"We don't live in a hot country". Good point, I wouldn't bother with sun cream or sun hats or t-shirts. All that heat stroke, sunburn and skin cancer are just myths.


Fakebook · 03/06/2013 13:32

Make them hats out of paper plates.


Idocrazythings · 03/06/2013 13:33

Sunscreen applied in the morning wears off.

The SPF of sunscreen might not be high enough.

Sunscreen expires. Not needing to use it that much, how long have you had it? If children are applying it themselves how do you know they haven't missed a bit? Also did you know it has to be smoothed on to soak in, not rubbed in- otherwise it's not as effective.

A hat (proper one) is much better, you can always not wear it going to the car for them to get their vitamin d dose. You only need 10 min exposure. But skin damage will occur quite quickly and before burning.

Please put them in a sun hat.


seeker · 03/06/2013 13:35

But yours should still wear hats. It's very difficult to say to a child who doesn't want to wear a hat that she must or say in (which I would have wanted for my red head) if your children are skipping around bare headed.


TigOldBitties · 03/06/2013 13:35

I see where you're coming from. My DC don't even own sun hats. I tried when they were babies but gave up quickly.

When we go to very hot places, like Jamaica, I can't even get them to wear hats then, it certainly won't happen in this country.

My DC are mixed race so have dark skin, probably darker than your DC so I think we probably have different attitudes than parents of children who are white or pale.


Nanny0gg · 03/06/2013 13:35

The five year-old will be out (or should be) for more than 30 mins. A lot of his learning should take place outside.

And you may find they're more co-operative about wearing them, when 'teacher says so'.


fluckered · 03/06/2013 13:36

how dare they ask for sun hats when minding your children and now you have to cycle to shop to get them? oh the inconvenience Hmm suck it up and get them ffs. so trivial. and just because they have olive skin its very silly of you to think the sun wont effect them. they may not burn but can still get heat stroke etc. and unless you work there how do you know how long they will be out in the sun. its not a big deal. get them. put them in their bags.


meglet · 03/06/2013 13:36

I send 6yo DS with a sun hat and I don't think he ever wears it.


BeckAndCall · 03/06/2013 13:37

My eldest, now 22, got horribly burned in half an hour in the back garden on may 3 rd - no even summer- when he was 15monhs old. He was out there painting with the nanny and she didn't realise the sun would be so hot and that he would burn so easily.

Of course kids can burn in half an hour at the height of summer. Don't make your kids learn that the hard way.


NeoMaxiZoomDweebie · 03/06/2013 13:39

Fakebook Grin I'd love to! Or maybe papier mache? I could just stick DD2s Easter bonnet on her? Easter chicks and all!

OP posts:

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie · 03/06/2013 13:40

fluckered calm down. It's only me having a moan. And it's "affect" not "effect".


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