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To be annoyed at myself for even caring about

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KenAdams · 02/06/2013 22:52

Who the No 10 affair is between Blush

If I knew I wouldn't care. It's the not knowing.

Telegraph link

OP posts:

HollyBerryBush · 02/06/2013 22:55

TBH, two middles aged people writhing about is not news.


WafflyVersatile · 02/06/2013 23:01

apparently some web url that leads to the story and is randomly generated involves the letters acrb and very little else.

Some people might think these are the initials of two people. Or it might be bollocks I've got 4th hand from someone being naughty.


WafflyVersatile · 02/06/2013 23:03

or you could forget this unnatural obsession and concentrate on dress sense, who has it and who doesn't.


ChippingInWiredOnCoffee · 02/06/2013 23:05

First I've heard of it.

so just marking my place until someone enlightens me as to who is playing away. Not that I actually care. Oops.


WafflyVersatile · 02/06/2013 23:07

If you worried more about how unreasonable it is to judge people on their dress sense then you would not have to worry about this.


SnapCackleFlop · 02/06/2013 23:11

I heard it was Nick Griffin and Nick Clegg .......


KenAdams · 02/06/2013 23:12

Waffly!!!! You are a King amongst Kings! You are THE king!

OP posts:

KenAdams · 02/06/2013 23:13

FFS Snap I read that and wondered how Nick Clegg was having it off with the bloke from Family Guy. I think I'll go to bed now.

OP posts:

SnapCackleFlop · 02/06/2013 23:16

Ken - that's better!

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