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To complain about a bad haircut?

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welshinexile · 02/06/2013 18:15

Is it really bad form to complain?

I get on really well with my hairdresser but I am really unhappy with the last cut so I told her (tactfully) and asked if it could be changed.

But now I feel awful! AIBU to complain?

OP posts:

Chottie · 02/06/2013 18:22

No, you are the customer. It is no good saying nothing, she will just think you like the style and you will end up with another carp haircut next time.


70isaLimitNotaTarget · 02/06/2013 18:40

No not at all unreasonable, it's much better to say what you don't like (tactfully as you say Wink ).
WRT getting on well with your hairdresser- great, but you are the customer , they are providing a service. Money changes hands, you need to be happy . Unless you expected to look like Bo Derek when IRL you look like Derek Jacobi.

But I'd complain if I got a carp haircut chottie Grin


StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes · 02/06/2013 19:21

funny but Isaid to DH the other day that I really hope that our boys(17 and 20) learn to ask when something is not right IE: at a restaurant / hotel etc anywhere in fact where they are paying for a service. in a nice manner ask for something to be rectified not demand and we decided that we would have a proper conversation with them about how and when to do this rather than nodding and saying yes thanks its ok when it isn't. we have had some good results when we have politely complained that things are not as expected, its a skill they should learn IMO. so YES you should politely comlain that its not what you asked for / wanted or expected.

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