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To be p&&&&d off

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tazmo · 02/06/2013 16:18

Relationship with PIL generally ok but they are in their 70s, independent and they keep their distance. We see them about once every 2 months. They bought a camplet and showed it to my kids. My son who is 4 naturally wants to go camping one day and PIL said we could use it whenever they don't. Which is fine. PIL finally getting to use it but they mentioned that me (as in me - who has said absolutely NOTHING!) had put the fact that I had said we could use it one day (in fact, PIL at one time said dh and him could go with them one time) in his head and now PIL are backing off the fact we could use it. We haven't ASKED to borrow it at all yet but we would have at some point. We have 2 other younger children so camping with them would not be suitable right now and I would stay at home at least until my 10 month old was old enough. Grrrrrrrr. Don't wanna make a big deal of it to dh as he gets upset when I criticise but so need to let off some steam.

OP posts:

squeakytoy · 02/06/2013 16:21

completely unable to make any sense of that... sorry..


Tee2072 · 02/06/2013 16:30

First of all, feel free to write 'pissed' off. We are adults here on MN.

Second of all, so you're pissed off that they said that you said you wanted to use the camping thingy when they actually offered and now are reneging on the offer?

Did I get that right?

And your husband gets pissed off when you criticise them?

And does he also get pissed off when they criticise you?


tazmo · 02/06/2013 16:34

Am annoyed because
(1) they suggested to us we could use it at some point.
(2) am pissed off cos they said I was putting ideas in my sons head about him being able to use it.
(3) am pissed off the inference is that it is me that started my son pestering them, when. In fact it was them.
(4) am peed off the are now reneging on the offer.
(5) am peed off as we haven't even actually asked to use the damn thing yet!

And yes get peed off when dh gets annoyed at me slagging them off in those circumstances

OP posts:

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie · 02/06/2013 16:40

YANBU but just forget it. Say "Oh we wouldn't want to use it's YOURS to use...not ours. We will hire what we need."

And move on. My sister has a caravan in a lovely part of Wales. We have not had a holiday for years. She's never offered it to us once even though they use it once a year tops.

We would pay ffs. I have not asked of course...people...even family get weird about their holiday caravans.


MammaTJ · 02/06/2013 16:42

Buy a tent yourself. Then you won't have to rely on them lending you anything.

How old is old enough to go camping in your opinion. Mine went camping while still in travel cots.


McNewPants2013 · 02/06/2013 17:49

The 10 month old will be fine to go camping.

Just say to them you have no intentions in borrowing and you will hire your own.

YANBU to be pissed off.


CommanderShepard · 02/06/2013 18:21

What is a camplet?


FryOneFatManic · 02/06/2013 19:01

Camplet = trailer tent


BrokenBanana · 02/06/2013 19:07

Why don't you just ask Neomaxi? She might not have realised that you would want to have a holiday there. Always worth asking anyway, you never know.

OP I think you need to let this go. You've said you get on well with PIL so don't let something so small rock the boat.


olibeansmummy · 02/06/2013 19:45

I'd just buy a cheapo tent and send your dh off camping with your 4 year old. Then it takes the upper hand away from the ils.


mummydarkling · 02/06/2013 20:44

This is v annoying When I figured out what was happening I felt for you. My in laws are the same with garden equipment. They had a mobile scaffold thing that was great for roof maintenance and hedge trimming and were most precious about it. We ended up buying one of our own fgs. What's doubley annoying is that dh does all their garden work now they are in their 70s and hence they always get the use of our rotavator. I come from farming stock where stuff is often shared within families.


HollyBerryBush · 02/06/2013 20:49

Sorry, but the whole thought of camping just made me shudder.

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