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that this amounts to giving a bad reference?

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Alliwantisaroomsomewhere · 31/05/2013 21:23

Dh is applying internally for a promotion post. His line manager told DH that if their boss asks for a reference, the line manager will say that DH is not managing their depot's stock control and some part of their software system because, as the line manager puts it, he is a "company man" - ie, the line manager is a company man, therefore he will give this reference about Dh.

DH pointed out to the line manager that the computer system is antiquated, DH is overloaded and all other branch managers (which DH is) are also in the same situation.

Is this a bad reference or is DH being oversensitive?

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juneybean · 31/05/2013 21:24

Is it factual? As far as I am aware you're allowed to give an honest reference whether you perceive that to be bad or not...


Alliwantisaroomsomewhere · 31/05/2013 21:26

Yes, Juneybean, it would seem that it is factual unfortunately. Dh is overloaded and undersupported.

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