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To pluck my moustache?

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smallfaces · 31/05/2013 21:13

On a closer inspection of my face than I normally have I discovered I have a moustache. It's faint and thin, think 13 year old boy. I don't want to wait to get the thing waxed off my face - I want it gone ASAP, obviously. Would it be bad to pluck? Will I wake up one day with a full on tache?

OP posts:

bedmonster · 31/05/2013 21:19

YANBU! I do this, I have PCOS and sometimes get a few light wispy bits of face fluff!!
It's fine to pluck :)


MousyMouse · 31/05/2013 21:20

get yourself a lady shaver. much less painful.


SisterMatic · 31/05/2013 21:21

I use hair removing cream on mine. A lot less painful Grin


LadyHarrietdeSpook · 31/05/2013 21:28

Having my face fur waxed tomorrow. I hate it. It's blonde but I feel like a Persian cat.


LadyHarrietdeSpook · 31/05/2013 21:29

Sorry - pluck if you must and can stand the pain!


juneybean · 31/05/2013 21:29

I don't trust shaving, I'm still hooked by the "shaving makes hair grow back thicker" line.


Doilooklikeatourist · 31/05/2013 21:29

I have my moustache top lip sugared every 8 weeks or so , but in between times I pluck any rogue hair that appears .

Get it done in a salon , and just whip out the odd one when necessary


juneybean · 31/05/2013 21:30

What does sugaring involve?


ZZZenagain · 31/05/2013 21:30

if it is faint and thin, how about bleaching it?


FattyMcChubster · 31/05/2013 21:32

Pluck it! If you can stand facing a window in natural daylight you will see a heck of a lot more hairs you'll get them all.


MousyMouse · 31/05/2013 21:33

imo bleached lip hair makes some women look like a walrus...


KittensoftPuppydog · 31/05/2013 21:33

Veet facial hair wax strips.


Doilooklikeatourist · 31/05/2013 21:34

Sugaring is like waxing , but it's a sort of toffee , not wax ( I think , will try and find a link )


Fakebook · 31/05/2013 21:35

Wax strips and getting the remaining stray hairs by threading works for me.


MousyMouse · 31/05/2013 21:35


Fakebook · 31/05/2013 21:38

Isn't sugaring a mixture of sugar and lemon boiled at a high temperature to give a caramel type sticky wax?

My sister and me made it a few times in our teens to wax our legs with because our mum wouldn't let us buy actual wax.


smallfaces · 31/05/2013 21:38

I've plucked a few hairs but I've given up, the pain was too much. I was thinking though that it was sore when I started plucking my eyebrows and now it doesn't hurt so I might give it another chance. I just want it gone!

OP posts:

bootsycollins · 31/05/2013 21:39

I get mine threaded, it bloody hurts but the results are fabulous, I need it doing once a month.


Doilooklikeatourist · 31/05/2013 21:41


WafflyVersatile · 31/05/2013 21:42

plucking moustaches is especially ouchy in my experience.


Doilooklikeatourist · 31/05/2013 21:44

Yes fakebook that sounds about right , but I'm wimpy and old and go to a salon !


Fakebook · 31/05/2013 21:53

Just saw that link Doilooklikeatourist, we used to smear it on and remove it with cut up pieces of cotton. Because it was so warm, it didn't hurt when pulling the hair out.

Is it quite hot when they use it in the salon?


Meringue33 · 31/05/2013 21:56

Don't do it, they'll grow back in thicker! Veet, threading, electrolysis or laser


Back2Two · 31/05/2013 21:57



CloudsAndTrees · 31/05/2013 22:01

Plucking is fine, except painful! It does exactly the same thing to the hair that waxing or threading would.

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