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to not go camping this weekend?

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Holly1977 · 30/05/2013 10:30

I agreed to go camping this Saturday ages ago with DP and about 20 grown ups and a few kids. I know a few of them, but not most.

I have a few reasons for not wanting to go.

  1. It's cold and wet.

2. I'm pg (11 weeks) so can't drink. I've never been camping sober! I spent last Saturday night with a group of people drinking and it was ok. It got quite annoying after a bit but as we were at home I could go to bed early ish. I did have to tell them to shut up 4 times though and DP woke me up several times. I was really grumpy and tired all day Sunday as a consequence, actually felt hungover even though I hadn't touched a drop! I don't want to spend another night with a massive group of drunk people and I know I won't get much sleep.
3. I've just had some building work done, finished today, and every room and every item in every room in the house is covered in several inches of plaster dust. Even if I spend all weekend cleaning, I don't think it'll be clean by the time Monday morning and work comes around again.

OP posts:

RainbowsFriend · 30/05/2013 10:47

YANBU - if you don't want to go, you don't want to go!

However - weather should be nice by the weekend

  • you might enjoy it once you're there. Just set your tent a bit away and take ear plugs and comfort chocolate (experience in camping when pregnant and the only sober one there)
  • you might be better off escaping the building work grime!

TooManyDicksOnTheDancefloor · 30/05/2013 13:23

Go, it'll be fun! I camped for three weeks around Cornwall, 7 months pregnant, last year. Yes, you can't drink, but if the sun is out there is nothing better than camping! Who want's to stay at home cleaning on a sunny day? YABU


specialsubject · 30/05/2013 13:28

now you know how boring and annoying shrieking drunks are..

stay home. Camp in the garden.


HollyBerryBush · 30/05/2013 13:30

I wouldn't go camping if you paid me. I certainly would go, surrounded by drunks, pissing wet weather, and a house that needs cleaning.


Sirzy · 30/05/2013 13:33

As long as you don't make your partner stay with you then stay at home.

I do find it quite sad that you seem to think you can only enjoy something when drunk though!


OddSockMonster · 30/05/2013 13:41

It might be pissing wet miserable weather today but have you checkd the forecast, are you due some of the sunshine coming in over the weekend?

And you may well not be the only one not drinking / not drinking much if you're going with families.

But if you don't want to then just don't. That's definitely allowed.


Jins · 30/05/2013 13:44

Totally reasonable. I wouldn't go camping again under any circumstances and your point 1 is enough to say no in my opinion

I have never camped sober either. It's not about enjoying something it's about anaesthetising yourself IMO


Karoleann · 30/05/2013 13:48

I also wouldn't go camping if you paid me.

However, if its the sort of thing you normal enjoy - the forecast is actually really good for the weekend.

Plaster dust is dreadful you clean it and it comes again and again - even when the building work is finished. I think it took about a month to stop falling on the surfaces after our loft conversion.


FunnysInLaJardin · 30/05/2013 13:50

YANBU. I always refused to camp when I was pregnant. Much nicer to be at home on my own! Plus camping without wine is no fun at all!


Holly1977 · 30/05/2013 14:22

Thanks for the replies guys, still in 2 minds. Sirzy, I can absolutely enjoy myself when I'm not drinking. What I don't enjoy is being in a massive group of drunk people when I'm sober. It's awful. They're boring, repetitive, loud. I'm one of them, we're all bores when we're drunk. Everyone is annoying when they're drunk, it's just that when you're drunk too you don't notice or care! And sleeping on a stupid air bed on the floor is much easier if you're anaesthetised in some way! Camping trips in the past have always involved huge amounts of booze and space cakes!

I think I'll see how the weather is on the day and how the cleaning is progressing. The builders have gone so we can start cleaning tonight. I know it's going to take days and while I'm no clean freak, I can't wait to not taste plaster dust and be able to cook again! Tonight will be the 4th night of takeaways, urgh!

I certainly wouldn't stop DP going if he still wants to. Far from it, I would be delighted to have the sofa and telly to myself for a change! That may be a whole other AIBU post tbh!

OP posts:

silverten · 30/05/2013 15:01

If you're 11w then there is every chance you'll have to get up for at least one wee in the middle of the night.

Having to wriggle out of a sleeping bag, find your shoes, struggle out of the tent and walk across a field to do this will be enough to give you the Rage.

Now imagine having to do it 2-3 times.

(Make sure to wake your DP up when you go!)


Holly1977 · 30/05/2013 15:40

Christ, I'd forgotten all about that! I'm up 3 times a night on average already, was always 1-2 times pre pg anyway. I'm told I have the bladder of a child. Good point.

OP posts:

silverten · 30/05/2013 15:43

I love camping but insisted on booking a cottage for this year's holiday. Last time I was pregnant we went camping for ten days when I was 5m and I was heartily sick of having to get up and down all the bloody time.

This time- not a chance Wink


loofet · 30/05/2013 15:44

The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend, well where we are but i'm sure it said it was everywhere. Picks up from tomorrow, its supposed to start becoming normal spring/summer weather (or so they say).

But being around drunks when sober is dreadful and I can't imagine camping whilst pregnant. As someone else said- getting up to go pee in the night would be awful. So yanbu, personally I wouldn't go.


silverten · 30/05/2013 15:46

I wouldn't be cleaning though. IME plaster dust is remarkably good for cleaning carpets if allowed to sit for a bit. It seems to have magical grease-absorbing powers.

Enjoy putting your feet up instead.


Holly1977 · 30/05/2013 16:20

I can't, I can't deal with it any more. It's horrendous. We've lived off takeaways and pizza etc for days now, I need to eat proper food. The kitchen is the worst, inches deep in places. And I can literally taste it in my mouth all the time and it's in my nose, throat, everywhere. I've woken up early for the last 3 days thinking about it. Good tip about carpets though, I'll leave it in the lounge for a while to soak up the wine stains!

DH has just texted to say he's been hoovering for an hour and his nose has had enough now, bless!

OP posts:

newfavouritething · 31/05/2013 18:02

Go camping, get away from the dust, then hire industrial cleaners when you get back - plaster dust will knacker your hoover. It's sunny, sit outside and enjoy (and then pee in a bucket overnight).


newfavouritething · 02/06/2013 08:09


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