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AIBU to be fuming at Zeeshan from The Apprentice

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ItsallisnowaFeegle · 28/05/2013 22:04

He's a fucking out and out misogynistic bastard!


(1) 'Put Neil on the phone'- When Dr Leah refused to agree with his shite tactics.

(2) 'I'll be bringing Leah, obviously, and Natalie' - EH? EH? Did I miss something?

Thank Fuck he got the boot!


OP posts:
BlingLoving · 29/05/2013 13:28

Last night's episode was also irritating because of the patronising tone used by almost all the contestants when talking to the locals. It was so offensive. The man with the ridiculous accent at one point was doing the classic, "If I talk really slowly and loudly and make stupid gestures this silly native will understand me".

It really wound me up. And I was quite surprised Sugar or his team didn't say something about the way they handled the people they were dealing with.

Fakebook · 29/05/2013 13:29

I thought he was cocky but so was Leah and was a complete cow in the task. He was right, she was pessimistic and had it in for him from the start. I think she came across very badly in that episode and I really hope she gets fired next. I don't really think he was that bad tbh. His sub team didn't support him and he shot himself in the foot by bringing in Natalie. He should have taken in Neil instead.

KurriKurri · 29/05/2013 13:38

There is not one in that bunch I would give any kind of job too, except perhaps the one they have - 'contestant in a reality TV show'.

Bring back the Badger. Grin

TSSDNCOP · 29/05/2013 14:45

The show has aced itself this year with the abysmal quality of the candidates. Can you imagine what bizniz idea this shower have actually got up their sleeves? Like that bumbling Tom a couple of years ago, I reckon Jason's the only one with a viable proposition and that is why he's still in despite his cod Arab accent last night.

They can't work in teams, can't speak articulately, can't do mental arithmetic (did one single one of them undertake an exchange rate conversion last night), can't plan and can't review how badly they are doing and make adjustments.

Zee was a wanker last night, but in a room of wankers. Frankly if I'd been saddled with Dr Leah I'd have asked to speak to someone else too.

livinginwonderland · 29/05/2013 14:57

They're all appalling this year, really. The only one I can even midly tolerate is Miles but the others are just...argh!

I was glad Zee got fired but I don't like Natalie or Leah much either :/

ToysRLuv · 29/05/2013 14:58

Agree with Fakebook. I don't understand how Sir Alan let the total lack of respect Dr Leah duck lips showed towards Zee as a PM go without saying a word. She tried to disregard and overrule him on an issue he has (supposedly, at least) more knowledge. Also refused to let him, as the PM, speak to another member of the team. If I were Zee in that situation, I would have fired her as a sub-team leader right then and there. The PM has ultimate responsibility for a task, so he should have the control as well!

Very disappointed that Sir Alan applauded her outlandishly teenage behaviour..

And while I agree he might have some misogynistic tendencies, I think he was ganged up on. I'm a feminist, and I can't stand Leah. Nothing to do with gender.

ToysRLuv · 29/05/2013 15:01

Have to add that I didn't like Zee (he's an overconfident sod), but felt sorry for him last night.

saulaboutme · 29/05/2013 15:11

Yanbu, what a dick.

ItsallisnowaFeegle · 29/05/2013 15:45

My sister is good friends with a girl who is Neil's bestie.

DS says he's a wanker in RL.

I agree they're all abysmal but they always are on TA.

I have been saying to DP since the start that Zeeshan's got a chip on his shoulder toward women.

Leah's redeeming feature, for me, is that she's a DR and must have done some good for her patients.

OP posts:
BlingLoving · 29/05/2013 15:55

but is she really a doctor? Inevitably on these things, there's some proviso. We laughed once about someonw who claimed to be a mega banker at a well known firm - turned out she'd been a PA. The irony is that as a PA at a bank, I think she would have been very well suited to TA. But she oversold herself and then she looked like an idiot when she couldn't do things you'd expect a banker to do. This was years ago.

Maybe she has a doctrate in something but isn't an actual medical GP? Or maybe she is technically a doctor but then spent the rest of her time doing something else?

BlingLoving · 29/05/2013 15:58

I just looked her up. She's 24 and a "practising docto"r. How? Medical school is 5 years. Then you have to do 2 years foundation training. Then you do run through/specialist/GP training taken from this NHS website So it's very unlikely she is a fully qualified doctor at this point.

BlingLoving · 29/05/2013 16:00

Sorry. messed up the link the first time.

ToysRLuv · 29/05/2013 16:00

The Gillian McKeith kind of doctor, perhaps?

treaclesoda · 29/05/2013 16:06

The Belfast Telegraph say in their reports that she works for an NHS hospital. Not that that proves anything, obviously!

TSSDNCOP · 29/05/2013 16:10

Is she a doctor like Ross was a doctor Grin

JamieandtheMagicTorch · 29/05/2013 16:11


You can be a Junior Doctor (in a hospital) at 24

Yes, you work under supervision, but you are still left alone to treat patients. Fully qualified is misleading

I think it was heavily edited yesterday to suit the narrative, which was about Leah being feisty and Zee being arrogant.

I've noticed his arrogance but not her argumentativeness before, so either she's changed or the programme took a new slant towards her

He got chastised nicely by the business woman on the It Takes Two programme

JamieandtheMagicTorch · 29/05/2013 16:13

You're Fired, not It Takes Two (that's Strictly Come Dancing) Grin

ItsallisnowaFeegle · 29/05/2013 16:19

Please not a Gillian 'the dehydrated prune face' McKeith? Type 'Doctor'.

I had a modicum of respect for Leah due to her credentials. Hmm

OP posts:
ItsallisnowaFeegle · 29/05/2013 16:21

I took great pleasure in watching Zee having his 'arse skelped' by the woman on the YBF show Grin

OP posts:
treaclesoda · 29/05/2013 16:21

I think she most likely is a 'proper' doctor, just a newly qualified junior one, rather than a consultant of many years experience...

JamieandtheMagicTorch · 29/05/2013 16:33

The man has no self-insight.

sarahtigh · 31/05/2013 23:47

you are a doctor when you graduate from medical school after 5 years so could be 23, you have more training to do but you are a doctor she will be in what is called foundation then most people either train to be a GP or start the training to move slowly up the hospital ranks, it is very rare to manage to get to be a consultant before age 35 not impossible but very rare, i think that if you pass every exam at the first possible opportunity you can go from graduate to consultant in 10 years

GalaxyDefender · 01/06/2013 08:22

I still can't believe, upon looking at Dr. Leah, that she is the same age as me! Wtaf. I judged most of the women on this year's Apprentice to be in their early to mid-thirties and they're almost all in their mid-twenties ...

That said, YANBU. I hated Zee from the start, he was arsey, self-important and always seemed a bit chippy, particularly towards Jason. But then none of the guys seem to like Jason, while the girls do - I find that telling Grin

I will stand up for Jason and his "arabic" accent, because it was hysterical. I do the same thing when I'm talking to someone with a thick accent, not on purpose, so I assumed he suffers from the same affliction.

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