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to feel really fed up and crap about having no job.

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LillethTheCat · 27/05/2013 14:48

Im 34 and just fed up and bored with life. I have 3 DCs and happily married.

However I should be enjoying my bank holiday Monday off and having a long weekend. However, I am out of work so life is one long weekend. I've been looking for work for 18 months now and applying to every job I see.

I've had interviews, but never go anywhere further. I went to an agency on Friday and was basically told that because I have had no recent work experience (its been 5 years since I last did the job Im trying to get back into) Ive got no chance and they are unwilling to sign me to their agency. Ive been trying to avoid agencies, but decided that it might have been a way into work. I didn't leave my CV, but said I would email one. I intend to do this tomorrow all the time knowing that they wont bother to register me with the agency. How am I supposed to get the experience if I can't get a job?

Ive signed up to a qualification relating to the work Im trying to get back into and have finished the first level and started the next level.

I thought about getting a list of all the local companies and writing to them to ask if they would consider taking me on for work experience, but Im not sure if this is the done thing is it?

There seems to be loads of schemes to get the young into work, but nothing for people my age. I would look to do an apprenticeship, but as Im over the age of 25 Im too old. I still have at least 30 years of work in me (Id actually guess at it being nearer 40 years), but right now it feels like I will be fed up forever.

What do I do now? Keep applying I guess. Its just not so easy to get a job is it. Or do I look for alternative work (say in a shop or bar etc) while trying to find a job in which Im applying for or will this put any prospective employers off?

Sorry its soo long, I was just letting it out.

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NotYoMomma · 27/05/2013 14:50

Volunteer? Fills up your cc with some skills in the mean time


NeoMaxiZoomDweebie · 27/05/2013 14:50

What is your usual work? Before children I mean?


maddening · 27/05/2013 14:54

definitely look for work experience.

Also ask your tutors on your course if they have any industry contacts for work experience.


Varya · 27/05/2013 14:54

Its really rotten to keep being knocked back repeatedly. Volunteering might help you find new purpose in your life and furnish your CV positively. I can only wish you luck and say I understand how frustrating I realise this all is for you. Varya XXX


LillethTheCat · 27/05/2013 14:54

Ive looked into volunteering and had a meeting with someone, but nothing actually came out of it. Perhaps I need to try again?

Its in accounts that Ive worked and Im currently doing the AAT.

OP posts:

VIX1980 · 27/05/2013 17:04

Hi lilleth,

I dont know much about accounts sorry but i wa sin the same boat a few years ago, finished my degree but had no children, could not get a job at all and i suffered with depression for it, low self esteem etc. Without boring you i decided to set up on my own, That was 4 years ago and im a dressmaker so i can work from home, choose my own hours, and now i have a 10 month old so its great being able to fit work around him too.

Is there any chance you could work on your own too, maybe if you set up doing peoples books for them?


Ragwort · 27/05/2013 17:08

There are loads of volunteering opportunities, I am sure you would be able to find something, I currently do seven different voluntary jobs and am always turning down others.

Also agree about being self employed, loads of people need help with tax returns / book keeping etc. Could you do something like that? Good luck Smile


CloudsAndTrees · 27/05/2013 17:13

Accounting is the sort of thing many small charities are crying out for. I'd try again with that, and I don't think there's anything wrong with asking for work experience. Showing willing is always a good thing, and people do understand how hard the job market is at the moment.


itsnothingoriginal · 27/05/2013 18:19

I feel your pain OP. There is a huge problem in this country at the moment with so many capable people out of work or underemployed. The competition for many jobs is becoming ridiculous too..

Agree with the voluntary work suggestion as this could well lead into permanent employment if you build up experience. It's also worth getting a good CV check so you are marketing your skills effectively.

Good luck Smile


JazzDalek · 27/05/2013 18:24

I'm in a similar position, same age, except that it's been eight years since I last worked.

I'm volunteering at my local CAB and would recommend it. I don't know how it is in other areas, but they are crying out for volunteers at mine, because of increased demand (benefit changes and so on) and because CAB training is well-regarded on CVs and lots of volunteers move on to paid work.

There is useful training and travel expenses provided. Well worth looking into.


WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes · 27/05/2013 18:35

Hi Lilleth

There are masses of small local organizations that need treasurers (we're desperate for one for our school PTA at the moment), schools, scout groups, NCT groups, tennis clubs you name it. And yes, lots of people need a bit of help with tax etc for small businesses, self employment etc. Maybe you could ask for advice on setting yourself up as self employed from the job centre and start putting out feelers amongst friends, a lot of mums I know have managed to find their jobs by networking amongst the other parents at school, pre-school etc. Maybe think if there's anyone you know who is a tradesperson etc, they might need a bit of help with accounts.


LillethTheCat · 27/05/2013 19:22

Thanks for the ideas everyone. Will take a look at volunteering again tomorrow (esp CAB as I fancy that and helping people getting themselves the help they need)

Not sure about self employment AFAIK to be an accountant you need letters after your name and for that I need more qualifications, but Im not sure on that.

I am at my course tomorrow night so will also have a word with my tutor to as if she knows anyone who might be willing to take on someone for work experience.

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