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AIBU to think that a walk in the fresh air wont improve mood if you have to take 3 children under 3?

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havingamadmoment · 26/05/2013 09:38

DH is away with the older 2 children until monday. I have had a terrible day so far. I am having a period which is pretty heavy, I had a headache all day and night yesterday so i didnt sleep much. About 4am my one year old woke up and wouldnt go back to sleep so i put her in my bed with me. About 6 I woke up thinking hmm thats odd the bed feels awfully ....squishy.... to my horror I realised that she had had a mega diarrhoea attack in her sleep which had all leaked out the side of her nappy and I was ROLLING AROUND IN POO Shock.

I came downstairs to find that the cat had thrown up all over the stairs.
The house is a total mess because i didnt feel like lifting my poor aching head to tidy it yesterday. I sat down to relax and talk to my sister online for 10 minutes and my 2 year old weed on my lap. I took her upstairs to use the toilet only to find that the toilet is now inexplicably not working - I think i need a plunger. Which I dont have.

I live in the middle of many houses - there is nothing nice to walk in without a bus ride - not even a park, unless you count a sainsburys which I dont.

My sister said "a long walk will fix it all" AIBU to think that a long walk with a 1 ,2 and 3 year old is unlikely to fix any of these problems and that my sister is in fact insane and to continue to curl up in a ball on the couch and feel sorry for myself.

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kim147 · 26/05/2013 09:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

havingamadmoment · 26/05/2013 09:39

sorry my titel should be 3 children under 4. I cant even count its that bad Grin

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ssd · 26/05/2013 09:40

tell your sister what'll fix it is for her to babysit all day so you can sleep then clean up the house once you've had a rest

anything else doesnt work!


havingamadmoment · 26/05/2013 09:41

kim - my sister has a one year old and is 33 weeks pregnant with dc2.

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Sirzy · 26/05/2013 09:41

I don't know, I can see where she is coming from the weather here today looks to be quite nice and I think getting out of the house DOES help it certainly improves my mood.


kim147 · 26/05/2013 09:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pantsjustpants · 26/05/2013 09:46

It is nice out, but it sounds like it would be a load of hassle to get anywhere nice to walk.

How's your head? I get lots of headaches and migraine. I find drinking lots, and I do mean lots, of water really helps. Plus taking paracetamol and ibuprofen at the same time. Hope it's better soon.


TeWiSavesTheDay · 26/05/2013 09:48

I don't know, I think it does help. It doesn't matter if the house is a mess if you aren't in it, and it won't get any worse while you are out...

It's worth a try anyway.


havingamadmoment · 26/05/2013 09:49

kim - I think she will feel different then yes. Mine are normally fairly easy to take care of but things just seem to have ganged up on me the last few days!.

pants - my head seems fine now,I get terrible headaches during my period. I honestly feel like I cant move Blush. My eyes are a bit off today (funny focusing) but thats how its been for years I know it will probably be fine by this afternoon until next month!.

OP posts:

Chippedandstained · 26/05/2013 09:53

Oooo I feel your pain! You poor thing!

And no, a wall with three children when there's only one of you and they head in opposite directions, will shred your nerves even further!

I have three under 4, and my friend wanted to know why I didn't put all three on scooters for the nursery run!!! Until you've been permanently outnumbered, it's hard to understand how such suggestions can invoke feelings of stabbyness!

By way of further example, I posted on a local page for ideas about what to do with my 3, and one genius said "why not take them swimming?"! Arghh! Because there's only one of me, three of them and they run off, and how the actual fuck do you even get past the changing rooms never mind managing them in the baby pool! Some people have no frigging idea!


Longdistance · 26/05/2013 09:53

Maybe when your sister pops out number 2, and she's having a stressy day, you can retort back that maybe 'a good long walk might fix it all' Grin


MousyMouse · 26/05/2013 09:54

I sort of agree with your sister.
a walk does lift the mood and might tire the dc out enough so that you can park dc in front of the tv and have a snooze on the sofa after.
concentrate on the most important things like vom+poo, the weather is nice so the washing will dry quickly outside.

lots of Brew and a couple of painkillers maybe?


Yellowtip · 26/05/2013 09:58

Yes it will help.


BlackholesAndRevelations · 26/05/2013 10:00

Poor you! I'm expecting dc3 this year all going well, which will mean I have three under four. A walk solves things for me... Dreading the thought that I might not manage with three of them.

Have you got a garden you could throw them out into play in?


ll31 · 26/05/2013 10:04

Your sis is right... Tho can you even just get them in garden with paddling pool or something?


meglet · 26/05/2013 10:06

Yanbu. I tolerate walks with the kids but they end up with me having to deal with wingy requests for snacks all the way and making sure they don't step in dog poo. Then when I get back I have everything to catch up with. Going for a run on my own is my kind of relaxation, dawdling with kids is not.

On the other hand playing in the garden is good and that helps. It means they get fresh air and I get them out from under my feet.


havingamadmoment · 26/05/2013 10:07

Ok I have no started the washing machine with the bedsheets in. I cleaned the mattress earlier but its stinks. The window is open any ideas how to freshen it up to sleep on tonight?

The couch covers are going in next.

I had some breakfast which has helped a little too.

blackholes - honestly 99.9% of the time its not hard to cope with them. In fact I have 5 the oldest are 8 and 6 (away with dh at a cub camp) its just the last couple of days that I have let it get on top of me for whatever reason.

blackholes - we have a nice garden im thinking of tidying up a perhaps doing lunch outside they will like that and i wont have to walk anywhere.

I have eaten chocolate - bad for my diet but good for my mood!

OP posts:

BlackholesAndRevelations · 26/05/2013 10:10

Phew! Wink I'm sure it'll be fine. Just my two are whingy and irritating this morning, and the house is a complete wreck.

Chocolate solves everything! Grin


specialsubject · 26/05/2013 10:22

chuck them in the garden with a few toys (remember the suncream) and let them get on with it under supervision.

see a doctor when possible to sort out excessive bleeding and those headaches.

rehome the cat. You have five kids and don't need something in the house that simply eats and excretes!


havingamadmoment · 26/05/2013 10:27

no I love my cat! shes an old lady - way older than any of the children.

Im waiting for the baby to wake from her nap then im transferring everyone outside .

OP posts:

TeWiSavesTheDay · 26/05/2013 10:34

Get rid of cat! Noooo! That's just mean.

I'm glad you've got a plan, having, hope the rest of the day is better.


dubstarr73 · 26/05/2013 10:34

I had 3 under 4 go out for the day tire them out and come back and do it in bits and pieces.I know how hard it is but if you sit in it will be worse.


dopeysheep · 26/05/2013 10:53

Is there any way you could expose the stinky mattress to the sun? Give it a bit of a scrub with some soapy water and stand it up to dry?
Had to do this with mine after a similar incident and the sun does kill bugs.
Hope you feel better soon x


MousyMouse · 26/05/2013 10:53

matress, sprinkle liberally with bio washing powder then hoover up later.
airing is good.

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