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AIBU to want to report this butcher?

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PenguinBear · 24/05/2013 18:46

I'm not sure if other people would be happy with this but I was disgusted and want to report him.

He handled raw chicken with his bare hands and then went to take my money without washing them. I refused the change as it was covered in raw chicken germs and I told him why I wouldn't accept it.
His response was "what else am I supposed to do?". Shock

AIBU to think this was incredibly unhygienic and disgusting?

Can I report him,  maybe online? If so, who to? 

OP posts:

AnnieOnAMapleLeaf · 24/05/2013 18:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LittleprincessinGOLDrocks · 24/05/2013 18:50

Yes report him.
The food standards agency have an online complaints form:


StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes · 24/05/2013 18:51

I would be just as concerned that he handled money then raw food tbh


KingRollo · 24/05/2013 18:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LittleprincessinGOLDrocks · 24/05/2013 18:53

IIRC - food hygiene rules state you should not handle food then money without washing your hands.
If he is not breaking the rules, then he has nothing to loose by being investigated. In fact the food standards agency would give him a hygiene rating, which may be of benefit to his business if he gets a 3 or above.


Yonionekanobe · 24/05/2013 18:54

I'm with OP - very poor practice


MoominMammasHandbag · 24/05/2013 18:56

In our butchers there is one member of staff whose sole job is to take the money.
Don't some butchers wear little disposable gloves for the raw stuff?


MoominMammasHandbag · 24/05/2013 18:57

And yeah, it's pretty disgusting, I wouldn't shop there.


JesusInTheCabbageVan · 24/05/2013 18:58

This is the sort of thing that does make me cringe a bit when I see it, but then DH just gives me the Hmm face. The thing is, most butchers seem to do it round here. What really bothers me is when they hand you your bag and there are gobbets of meat on the outside.


foreverondiet · 24/05/2013 19:01

Not allowed, yes report. In my butcher one person is on the till and is only person touching money.


WestmorlandSausage · 24/05/2013 19:07

wouldn't bother me personally, probably wouldn't have even noticed.

I would be more bothered about the money - just think how many people might have touched it after doing stuff with their hands that you weren't able to witness....



SvarteKatterogFlosshatter · 24/05/2013 19:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PenguinBear · 24/05/2013 20:20

Surely it wouldn't be too hard for him to wear gloves?!

OP posts:

sammisatt · 24/05/2013 20:28

I saw this in the deli next door and had the same dilemma. I phoned the manager and was very polite about it and said I'd seen it on a couple of occasions and if I saw it again i would report. That way I'd made my point, scared them a bit and didnt have to feel guilty about reporting them.


LessMissAbs · 24/05/2013 20:35

YABU, purely on the reporting thing. I feel like screaming every time I see a self righteous post announcing they will report someone, as if there is some sinister government agency that you can report anyone who offends you to.

By all means make a complaint to your local environmental health department or the food standards agency, but my, your life must have no spare time if you go around reporting people for such minor things when you haven't suffered any loss as a result.


bakingaddict · 24/05/2013 20:48

It's not over the's basic food hygiene he is neglecting. There are rules for a reason, look at what happened in Lanarkshire which was the source of a major highly pathogenic E.Coli 0157 outbreak in which 21 people including children lost their lives because of a butcher's bad practices.


FossilMum · 24/05/2013 21:02

That's definitely both disgusting and unhygienic. Report, or complain, or however you want to phrase it to the local Environmental Health Authority.

If he's doing this, it's extremely likely he's also cross-contaminating any cooked, ready-to-eat foods he sells, which could easily lead to food poisoning as mentioned by bakingaddict.

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