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To think that if i did overtime at the beginning of this month, i should be paid it ( as usual)

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toddthebarber · 23/05/2013 10:55

Basically as the title says. I did some overtime on the 3rd May, Ive just been paid and ive not been paid of it.

My manager checked and she did enter it on the system but said it must have missed the cut off. The cut off is around the 16th of each month, so i would have been paid it.

I SHOULD have been paid it.

She had now told me there is nothing she can do and i will have to wait till the end of next month for it.

Im furious and i needed that money, it was why i worked overtime. Ive booked a new nights away on the basis of having that money.

AIBU to expect payment when its expected

( and does anyone know what i can do?)

OP posts:

DeafLeopard · 23/05/2013 10:56

Sorry not what you want to hear but most company payroll pays overtime the month after it is worked as standard IME.


LedaOfSparta · 23/05/2013 10:57

Ask is they have a second pay run in the month?

Sometimes I don't get paid my overtime but if I ring payroll directly and beg they will put it through on the extra one.

Good luck


toddthebarber · 23/05/2013 10:58

Where we work, there is a cut off date, so if its the 17th of the month, and you did your overtime before that, you will get paid for it in that months wage packet.

If its after the cut off date, it goes into next months.

This was 2 weeks and a bit prior to the cut off date.

Thats the company policy.

OP posts:

DeafLeopard · 23/05/2013 11:26

Then that is very unfair on you todd. Can you explain that you really need the money (not that you should have to), and see if they can do a special payment?


treas · 23/05/2013 11:45

If the error was the company's - as it appears to be - and not you missing the deadline then they should run a second payroll to correct their mistake.


elfycat · 23/05/2013 12:30

Most companies can run an amended payslip, or do the maths by hand and write a cheque which will show as a correction on next months pay (they might pay just under their estimation for what you are owed after tax and Ni to allow for a few pounds miscalculation)

I've had to pay people out (working in payroll), and also demand a payment (working for NHS). I find a good way of making them pay attention is to say that if you get any bank charges this month for direct debits not paid, you'll forwards them to the company.


EssexGurl · 23/05/2013 12:50

When I worked in HR additional payments were paid in the following months pay run. So, any overtime worked in May would be submitted and paid in June. This would be regardless of when in the month it was worked - so 1st May or 31st May would still be paid in June. For the May pay run your payroll department would (in my experience) be processing the April payments. We never paid outside of normal payroll unless it was the Company's fault. In this case, I think you need to wait until June. You need to check the rules for payment of overtime.


Eskarina · 23/05/2013 13:27

Our cut off is also the 15/16th of the month, but we still get it the month after. Ie I worked overtime at the beginning of April, had to submit they by the 15th may and will receive it in this months pay packet. The extra I worked in May was submitted at the same time but I won't get it until my June payslip. Hth


OnTheBottomWithAWomansWeekly · 23/05/2013 13:33

Did you give your OT form to the manager in plenty of time, i.e. did the manager sit on it and not get it in on time?

Perhaps put a query in to payroll as to when the req was received by them.

Then query with the manager (or even the next manager up - your manager's boss! as to what was the issue with the form) and since it wasn't your fault that it was late, you'd like to know how they are going to sort it out so that you get paid on time.

(I've got this going on with my boss at the moment - I gave him a form 3 weeks ago for about £800 worth of overtime and I know he hasn't processed it yet - he's dire for stuff like this. No problems chasing me though if something is due in for him...
I want it in next month's paycheque and I know I will have to chase him, so I'm giving him another week and then I've diaried it so that I get a reminder)


piprabbit · 23/05/2013 13:35

In my old company, if they made a mistake with payroll they would advance the money and then sort it out next month. I'm not sure how they managed it, but it worked.

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