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To think Mindee (3) can talk his way out of anything?

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PrincessTeacake · 22/05/2013 11:34

This morning getting them ready for playschool, went to the kitchen, heard girl Mindee crying about her brother being 'not nice'. Marched back to the sitting room and asked boy Mindee what he was doing in my usual cross voice.

His answer?

"I was just a ghost! Woooo~"

Forgot to be cross, burst out laughing instead (as did girl Mindee.)

Caught him smearing my lipstick all over his face and hair.

"I'm just being a princess, PT!"

Told him to stop messing with his drink.

"I'm just trying to be a green fishie."

And finally, when I caught him throwing all the cushions off the sofa.

"I'm just pretending to be Dylan (his best friend.)

AIBU to be wondering if in a few years he'll be the subject of a thread in Relationships? (Caught my BF texting another woman but he said he was just pretending to be a love rat! WWYD?)

OP posts:

MisselthwaiteManor · 22/05/2013 12:03

"I'm just pretending to be Dylan" is hilarious! Grin


McNewPants2013 · 22/05/2013 12:07


You got to brush up on the art of wittiness


NotSoNervous · 22/05/2013 12:08


ConfusedPixie · 22/05/2013 14:43

Love it Grin

I get from my 2.5yo charge "But Pixie, Daddy/Mummy lets me do it..." when I tell her she can't run down the really steep hill screaming or walk on the kerb or similar.


Szeli · 22/05/2013 18:56

"Well I'm not your Mummy/Daddy" is my sentence of reference with my niece pixie

LOVE the "pretending to be Dylan" excuse


ConfusedPixie · 22/05/2013 21:40

Szeli: I just laugh and repeat my answer, she knows it doesn't work because she knows that I know that Mummy and Daddy don't let her do most of it Grin


Szeli · 23/05/2013 00:42

What?! You're on to her? The poor girl haha


IneedAsockamnesty · 23/05/2013 01:22

Being able to talk your way out of anything is quite a good skill


Geeklover · 23/05/2013 01:41

Love the just being Dylan answer Grin
Ds2 is just coming up 3 and has been using the mummy/daddy/Grannie said... Thing for a while.
He did trio himself up once when telling grandad that mummy had said yes then realised mummy was standing right behind him. He actually was quick enough to blink a few times and say I meant daddy said yes. Grin


ConfusedPixie · 23/05/2013 06:58

Soxjk: our is a great skull, but it is amazing how young they start doing it!


ConfusedPixie · 23/05/2013 06:59

It is a great skill. Bloody phone


Judyandherdreamofhorses · 23/05/2013 07:21

He sounds hilarious. My three year old prefaces everything with 'But, mummy...', usually said in mock patient voice (mimicking my attempts at being non-shouty parent), before her crazy excuse for whatever she's doing. In her case, it's usually something her imaginary dogs have told her to do...


Groovee · 23/05/2013 07:41

Haha some children really can talk their way out of things.

We had a new boy start at work and he walked past me and said "I've got my eye on you Mrs Groovee!" I had to turn round to laugh so he couldn't see me.

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