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To think some asects of this facebook selling page are odd?

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honeytea · 19/05/2013 20:34

I have joined a facebook selling page because I need a cheap highchair at my mothers house as we are doing baby led weaning and she has fabric covered dining room chairs

The page is called the name of town baby exchange, this to me makes it sound like people are looking to exchange their baby.

This evening I have seen lots of posts like "3 pairs of used scratch mits 50p" and "slightly stained primark babygrow for a boy 1 pound." I wonder if it is really worth the faff of gathering together the scratch mits, taking a photo, uploading it onto facebook, talking with a buyer over pm, aranging a time to meet the buyer, possibly staying in, waiting around at a meeting place all for 50p. I think recycling is great but surely selling a bundle of baby stuff or taking it to a second hand shop is a better idea?

there are many people wanting to buy "bath seat for a girl" or "armbands for a boy" surely those items are not gender specific.

I think I might just have to find a highchair and leave the group.

OP posts:

Sparklypinknails · 19/05/2013 20:47

There's one like this for where we live and it sounds very similar. I just get the impression that people like selling stuff and enjoy the process so that's why they list anything and everything. Plus, a lot of people have a low income so if the list 20 things for 50p, that's £10 towards the next age clothes or toys etc. Bath seats and arm bands can be designed with boys or girls in mind (stereotyped boys or girls I suppose) and some people like buying "girls" stuff or "boys" stuff. Maybe it isn't a group for you.


HollyBerryBush · 19/05/2013 20:54

I left for two reasons (a) It was full of text speakers calling each other 'hun' (b) it was a front for stolen/counterfeit goods. I'm sure no one in Thamesmead legitimately has 100 pair of "Dr Dread"s for a tenner each.


landofsoapandglory · 19/05/2013 21:21

We've got a few general ones where we live. Last night someone asked if anyone had any L plates for sale!Hmm They're about £1.99 in Wilko's!


AnyaKnowIt · 19/05/2013 21:27

Used Mascara anyone? Some going on my local page.


noisytoys · 19/05/2013 21:31

Half a box of tampons on my local page. Free to a good home. Bump. Bump. Bump. Bump. Grin


SunshineMiddle · 19/05/2013 21:40

Eww to the used mascara! It does remind me of a friend who did a carboot sale a few years ago and she said that used make up sold really well at them. Yuck.


PessimisticMissPiggy · 19/05/2013 21:44

Some people genuinely don't know the value of things and think that they're getting a bargain second hand.

I've seen second hand next baby clothes for sale in a second hand shop near me for more than they would cost new!


emsyj · 19/05/2013 21:46

If you're anywhere near an Ikea, just get the Antilop high chair from there... I gave away my Cosatto £70 one and just have the £14 Ikea one now, it's a million times better. And you can pop the legs off it for storage.


olibeansmummy · 19/05/2013 21:47

I left our local selling group as it was full of, " wanted, coral dress size 10, must be free, must be good condition' etc and rude people not using please and thank you. Also, the person who set up the group we t in a massive power trip and posted threatening messages on all her ( many ) groups [hmmm]


MammaTJ · 19/05/2013 21:50

Noisy, she must be an MNer who has changed to a mooncup!!


Shakey1500 · 19/05/2013 21:54

Oh mine was full of "hunz" and "wat tme can I pik up tomoz hun?"

Also things like "3 pair girls tights, worn. £1" and someone would put "Will u take 80p hun?"



Icelollycraving · 19/05/2013 21:55

holly are you in Thamesmead?!


Choccybaby · 19/05/2013 21:56

Have you tried your local free cycle group if you have one?
Lots of baby stuff comes up on ours and usually in bundles for clothes and all free!


spacegirl81 · 19/05/2013 22:05

Try gumtree; great for picking up decent second hand stuff Smile


crazydrunkevilhamster · 19/05/2013 22:07

I once stuck a huge black bag full of my Ds' clothes on one of the fb pages , their was well over 50 items all unworn and all Next , I asked for £60 onro and had one girl say 'would you accept £10 as that's all I can afford because its my birthday and im going out tonight so I need my money for that'
Needless to say I didnt accept her offer and quickly left the page Confused


honeytea · 19/05/2013 22:09

Maybe it's like a hobby, to make 10 pounds at 50p an item you'd have to meet 20 people a week! I struggle to meet 2 or 3 actual friends who are forgiving if we are late with a new baby.

My parents live in the back of beyond so no local IKEA, we live 5 minutes away from our local IKEA so I might just buy a chair there and bring it with us thanks for the tips about the legs being detachable!

OP posts:

Sparklypinknails · 19/05/2013 22:11

Ooh I want that highchair now too! Loads of the cafes round here have them and they are ace. I didn't know they were so cheap!


smallandimperfectlyformed · 19/05/2013 22:14

Where are you icelollycraving and hollyberrybush? I'm near Thamesmead!


honeytea · 19/05/2013 22:15

I just told my Swedish dp that the antelope highchairs have detachable legs so we could buy one and take it with us easily, he looked at me like I am crazy and told me everything comes apart from IKEA that is the concept of the shop.

Now it is me saying daft things.

OP posts:

Icelollycraving · 19/05/2013 22:18

Just tried sending you a pm but it didn't go through.


emsyj · 19/05/2013 22:18

Honestly if you go to Ikea buy two of the Antilop because once you've used it you will want one at home too - I bought mine to leave at my DMum's house too but eventually brought it home to use as it is the best high chair ever Blush.


ParadiseChick · 19/05/2013 22:19

If you do go for the antilop (do, it's great ) remember to pick up the tray as well. In true Ikea style it's sold separately!


ParadiseChick · 19/05/2013 22:23

Yes to buying yourself one! My mum got one in a charity shop for at hers then mil wanted one for at her bit then I got one for myself and ditched the huge mammas and pappas one that I incidentally got off a facebook selling page for £10!

When I say ditched I mean passed it on for free to the next unsuspecting poor sod!


honeytea · 19/05/2013 22:24

We have an IKEA wooden highchair it's the same shape as the antelope but made of wood, it will be harder to clean but it was given to us.

OP posts:

AKissIsNotAContract · 19/05/2013 22:27

Half a box of tampons on my local page. Free to a good home. Bump. Bump. Bump. Bump.

How good does your home need to be to look after half a box of tampons :)

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