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to not buy a birthday present?

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HiddenInTheMist · 19/05/2013 12:19

I have been invited away next weekend to London by my friend - it is her sisters birthday and she told her to invite a friend.

I know the sister a little - invited to her wedding evening do and she has socialised with us a couple of times, but I wouldn't class her as a friend although I do like her.

There are 6 people going (including myself) there are 3 celebrating birthdays. The other 2 again I know but not very well, enough to wish them a happy birthday on FB but that's it.

So is it rude if I go on this weekend and not buy them a birthday present? The weekend is already costing me enough money as it is, I just don't want to appear rude.

OP posts:

elQuintoConyo · 19/05/2013 12:23

The cost if your trip is enough, I think. Perhaps shout the birthday trio a drink each? And a nice card.


ParadiseChick · 19/05/2013 12:30

A card at least!

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