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invite for 'supper' tonight. what time should we turn up?

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ipswitch · 18/05/2013 12:50

Friends on holiday near us have left an answer phone message asking us round for supper this evening at their holiday cottage. They left directions and said they were cooking chicken.
Don't have their mobile number to find out what time they mean.

Can I ask what time you would turn up for an adults only supper invite?

OP posts:

MardyBra · 18/05/2013 12:51

7.30 -8


Viviennemary · 18/05/2013 12:54

Around 7-8 ish. Not before 7 anyway. But they should have given a time and not been so vague. I mean supper could be eaten any time between 6.30 and just before bed which could be any time at all.


IvanaCake · 18/05/2013 12:55

7 or 7.30 I should think. They can hardly complain about whatever time you go!


Xiaoxiong · 18/05/2013 12:58

7.30 for 8, and bring a bottle of white or medium red to go with the chicken Smile


ipswitch · 18/05/2013 13:01

thanks. I just don't want to be too early or too late.
WIll now aim for 7_7.30.

I have wine and an apple pie and some fruit salad. Smile Smile Smile Smile

OP posts:

Punkatheart · 18/05/2013 13:09

Yum to the apple pie and I will be with you in the car 7-8pm.



SueDoku · 18/05/2013 13:47

Stuart Maconie in one of his books says that when he first lived in London, his agent invited him round for 'supper' -- he couldn't understand why she wanted him to be sitting on her sofa in his dressing gown drinking cocoa and eating digestive biscuits at 10pm. Grin


squoosh · 18/05/2013 13:53

I share Stuart Maconie's definition of 'supper'! Grin


RedPencils · 18/05/2013 13:53

Sue - Supper round here means cheese on toast and hot chocolate before bedtime.


alienbanana · 18/05/2013 13:55

This is why supper is a silly word.

I'd go round for 7.


ComposHat · 18/05/2013 14:00

Make sure you have our tea before you go out, odds are you'll have nothing but warm milk and sports biscuits to eat.

Stingy buggers.


SueDoku · 18/05/2013 14:00

Me too squoosh - causes no end of confusion with DGS (who's 4), as I say 'dinner' and 'tea' and he says 'lunch and 'dinner'. Poor child doesn't know what meal I'm talking about half the time... Smile


ipswitch · 18/05/2013 14:02

Glad you feel the same. Smile
we are used to breakfast, lunch and tea for meals. supper is a late night snack for us too, usually in PJs.

the friends who invited us are London folk, and we are country folk. interesting how we all think differently.

OP posts:

Punkatheart · 18/05/2013 14:06

But social supper is different to home supper. If they were in their PJs you would think 'swingers' and run!


RedPencils · 18/05/2013 14:51

Ah we'll if they're fancy London folk it's not going to be cheese on toast, crumpets and a packet of digestives in your onesies.


BlackAffronted · 18/05/2013 14:55

In Aberdeen, supper is your tea/dinner. In the part of Scotland I am now, supper is tea & toast at about 9pm. You have breakfast, dinner & tea. So an invite for "dinner" is very confusing for some, they could turn up at 1pm or 5pm!


carabos · 18/05/2013 15:58

To me supper these days means two courses and dinner means three.

Growing up however, dinner was in the middle of the day, tea at 6-6.30 ish and supper a bowl of cereal with a cup of hot choc in your dressing gown, eaten sitting in front of the coal fire waiting for your hair to dry Grin.


waikikamookau · 18/05/2013 16:05

supper is your evening meal.


Mitchy1nge · 18/05/2013 16:08

I am a country folk and supper is evening meal (8pm ish) and dinner is a posh evening meal that you get dressed for

tea is a drink or a sort of sandwiches thing for small children at about 4 or 5?


middleagedspread · 18/05/2013 16:09

I think supper is informal, round the kitchen table. Dinner is the full works with Granny's candlestick.


ilovecolinfirth · 18/05/2013 16:09

I also share Stuart Maconies definition. Supper is a cup of tea and some biscuits or a bowl of cornflakes.


Mitchy1nge · 18/05/2013 16:12

I mean obviously do get dressed

I meant dressed dressed in a sort of stressful grown up way


waikikamookau · 18/05/2013 16:28

I heard that following come dine with me, dinner parties are now considered naff


CleverClod · 18/05/2013 16:38

If they left a message, have you tried oin 1471 and getin their phone number?


Scholes34 · 18/05/2013 17:23

Arrive in good time for Eurovision - which kicks off at 8.00 pm.

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