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To be thinking about leaving my job?

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NewAtThisMalarky · 17/05/2013 08:33

I've been offered a post that I didn't apply for - I applied for a different post in the same place over a year ago. The two jobs pros and cons are as follows:

Job 1: close to home and children's school
Is insecure
Poor pension scheme
Managerial support poor
Like very much the people there
Am just about to be given additional responsibilities with no extra pay (although additional hours as required paid at time and a half)

Job 2: 25 miles from home/school
5 hours more per week
Great pension scheme
Great manager
Is a bit more secure
Hourly rate is similar - no overtime

I don't know what to do! Which job would you choose? FYI I live somewhere quite small with limited jobs in my field at a decent pay rate - most are about 25 miles away.

OP posts:

LindyHemming · 17/05/2013 08:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

iliketea · 17/05/2013 08:41

Do you love the job you are doing at the moment? How insecure is it? Which job would give you the greatest satisfaction? It's a lot of hours in a week to do a job that you don't enjoy.

Looking to the future, would job 2 give you more options for career development (as your children get older) or would job 1?

Personally, if you don't love your job, and you can manage the commute / extra hours with your family life, I would go with the secure one with a good pension. But I would look at the long term picture - opportunity for career development / pension security.

But only you can decide whats best for your family / life circumstances.

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