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To be upset and truly fucked off by this (Facebook warning)

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DidILeaveTheIronOn · 16/05/2013 22:22

An acquaintance posted a video on FB, tagged "must-watch" or something
I had no idea what it was but stupidly clicked and it was a ritual killing video

I didn't see much as I turned it off, but what I did see was graphic and disturbing. What fucking idiot "shares " this sort of stuff? Could almost understand if she was trying to make a political or humanitarian point, but this was just for shock value

I started to write her a message, but this woman has experienced some pretty horrific atrocities herself (she was a refugee , not related to this video however) so I decided to leave it.

I just can't get the images out of my head

(And yes I should know better than to click on random videos. Lesson learned)

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DontMeanToBeRudeBut · 16/05/2013 22:27

YANBU. Can you bring yourself to write a comment warning other people of the content? I'd then defriend her.


DidILeaveTheIronOn · 16/05/2013 22:28

I just reported it and defriended her
Sort of ashamed about having seen it
It was really horrific

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cerealqueen · 16/05/2013 22:32

Are you sure it wasn't spam? It happens, usually sexual/violent stuff.Check with her, she might not even know!!


becsparkel · 16/05/2013 22:35

Are you sure her account wasn't hacked?


DidILeaveTheIronOn · 16/05/2013 22:37

Hmm. Didn't think of that. She added a comment like "I can't believe this" but I guess that could be spam too.

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DoJo · 16/05/2013 23:30

I agree that it might well be an auto posting thing, some of which also add comments. I found one on my wall the other day which had posted on my behalf despite me never giving permission or even watching the video (clicked on it instead of the one I wanted to watch and realised immediately) and there was a comment too. Definitely worth checking, and if she did post it deliberately, then the checking can be a method of demonstrating your disgust as well.


saintlyjimjams · 16/05/2013 23:35

If it's an auto posting then by clicking on it you will have sent it to all your friends as well without realising. Most of those things are sent automatically (I clicked on one once by mistake - never again).


WorraLiberty · 16/05/2013 23:39

This is a common malware problem on Facebook.

Last year both my sister and my cousin 'appeared' to be posting a porn video on the walls of everyone on their friend's lists.

It was in fact caused by a virus.

If you've clicked the link, the chances are your machine will be spamming everyone else by the morning.

Run a scan and apologise to your acquaintance for not asking her about it before defriending her.


WilsonFrickett · 16/05/2013 23:57

What Worra said ^^ it's almost definitely a hack/spam/auto post. Run whatever virus software you have and it would be kind to let your friend know about it. My general rule of thumb is to never click on anything with an exclamation mark in the comments.


Cloverer · 17/05/2013 00:00

Does sound like spam - check that you haven't posted it on your FB now too.

I never click on videos unless it's clear what it is/the person posting it have said why they have posted it. Any with generic titles/comments like "you won't believe this!" "you have to see this amazing video" look dodgy to me.


musicmadness · 17/05/2013 00:03

Sounds exactly like spam, I got caught out by this once with some stupid Video (fortunately not a violent one) and had to scan everything. Never click on a video link on FB unless you know exactly what it is!


pictish · 17/05/2013 00:05

I think spam too. They post them with generic comments anyone could've made.


DidILeaveTheIronOn · 17/05/2013 00:16

Thank you, all. I don't know a lot about FB but it's been shared on this person's wall, rather than come to me as a message. And it hasn't appeared on my wall - thank god

Also you can see the person who originally posted the video and on his wall he's justifying why he did so - I think he's claiming he's trying to raise awareness

OP posts:

DidILeaveTheIronOn · 17/05/2013 00:17

And don't understand why the fuck Facebook haven't deleted it

OP posts:

saintlyjimjams · 17/05/2013 06:33

Auto posts don't come as a message. They turn up on your feed, you click on them & in the process it posts on your wall sending it to all your friends. Agree that 'you'll never believe this' type comments are a giveaway


saintlyjimjams · 17/05/2013 06:36


Boomba · 17/05/2013 06:52

Is it the witch burning video?

I also got that one and can't get it out of my head. I didn't watch it all, but saw way too much

Facebook, said it doesn't show graphic violence or harm!! Refused to take it down Confused

I get the 'showing the world we live in's argument, but its too much. It needs taking down


EhricLovesTeamQhuay · 17/05/2013 08:00

You will have posted it onto everyone else's wall now, not to your own. And you have defriended her for doing exactly what you did - clicking on it out of curiosity.


DidILeaveTheIronOn · 17/05/2013 08:31

Yes the witch one.

I've just checked my husbands FB account. It hasn't posted on his wall or feed...

I think she might genuinely have posted it. She is the type to post a lot of crap on her wall (although even this is a step further that I thought she would go)

Even so, will be the last time I go clicking on any videos!

OP posts:

Boomba · 17/05/2013 17:57

I started a thread on here last week, about the same one

I thought Id come across it because alot of my friends are from the country it originated from. (I reported it to the embassy/the police and AI Blush..but it seems it is quite widespread

It still disturbs me, but it gets better than you feel right now


LaGuardia · 17/05/2013 18:07

It may be the FB friend is completely desensitised to such things, considering her past. Which, of course, is very tragic.

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