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AIBU to cancel a weekend away because of the rain?

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GrandeGueule · 15/05/2013 07:12

Not in UK so wasn't expecting a trip booked in May to be a wash out. Supposed to be going on a walking trip this weekend for four days with toddler, 7mo and dog. There is an amber weather alert for heavy rain and storms right over where we are going. Accomodation, although not in a tent will be very simple, and due to the dog we can't go visiting museums and churches etc. It was supposed to be an outdoors trip.

I am a born and bred northerner, so the thought of cancelling due to rain seems ridiculous. But then I think if I have to deal with a rainy weekend wouldn't it be better to do it at home? Am I being pathetic or practical?

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topbannana · 15/05/2013 07:16

Pathetic and practical :)
Pre-DS I would have gone, thoroughly enjoyed it and to hell with the hypothermia. Now I tend to err on the side if caution as being wet and cold is one thing, dealing with a wet, cold, grizzling toddler takes the suffering to a new level.
I also now begrudge the waste of money so I would cancel if I was not going to lose any money I had paid out.


ventilatormum · 15/05/2013 07:17

where are you going? Devon, for example, is just so COLD at the moment as well as soaking wet underfoot. If you can postpone, I would.


Pascha · 15/05/2013 07:18

We went away last weekend and it rained all the time. We ended up at soft play rather than outside somewhere as it was so bad Saturday afternoon, then ds1 was poorly and we went nowhere on Sunday. It was made bearable precisely bxause we were staying in nice accommodation. I would have been very very pissed off if we had been sharing a damn caravan or sharing a hostel somewhere.


Piffpaffpoff · 15/05/2013 07:18

How far away is it and is it one night or two! If it was under an hour and a half, and two nights, I'd probably go on Friday and see what's it's on Sat, coming home again if it's really dreadful. I'd kick myself if I didn't go and the forecasters turned out to be wrong.


GrandeGueule · 15/05/2013 07:18

Slightly more worried about the 7mo than the toddler. Pre DC of course I'd have gone... The rain would have been part of the fun.

OP posts:

Pascha · 15/05/2013 07:19

So yes, I would cancel and save the money if it's going to be really crap.


GrandeGueule · 15/05/2013 07:20

It's three hours away, and the accomodation is simple. No comforts, or TV, or nice warm fire to come back to.. Luxury stuff is wasted on the dog Hmm

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TheseFoolishThings · 15/05/2013 07:23

Cancel. The children will get cold and grizzly and you won't enjoy it. And the poor dog! Definitely cancel and organise it again if summer ever arrives.


Sirzy · 15/05/2013 07:23

Would you get your money back if you canceled?

I would go but perhaps try to get a portable DVD player for the toddler for when you need to go back to warm up and dry out!


Bunbaker · 15/05/2013 07:30

My sister went camping a couple of years ago with her children and a dog. The weather was awful and they went home early. She said the worst bit was having a wet dog and not being able to enjoy anywhere indoors because of the dog (and the awful wet dog smell).

A wet weekend with a toddler, a baby and a dog sounds grim. I would cancel.


GrandeGueule · 15/05/2013 07:34

Yes the dog loves the cold and wet so would be happy, except for stinking out the accomodation.

Am really :( this was our first trip away since the birth and the crappy accomodation was because it's a holiday weekend here and I was waiting for the weather to improve before booking. Ha.

OP posts:

ExcuseTypos · 15/05/2013 07:34


My worst holiday ever, as a child was camping in the rain with a dog.

We came home after 3 days, couldn't take the doggie smell anymore. He also kept trying to get into the sleeping bags and who can blame him? He was more miserable than us!


GrandeGueule · 15/05/2013 07:36

I'd lose my deposit of ?70. However petrol to go there and back would be that again, plus eating out every day as no cooking facilities etc... So not that much of a loss in comparison to what we will spend if we go.

OP posts:

Wishihadabs · 15/05/2013 07:45

I'd definitely cancel , I hate being cold and wet and did pre-dc as well. Total wuss like that !


GrandeGueule · 15/05/2013 07:47

Thanks all for your input. Feel less pathetic now :)

OP posts:

squeakytoy · 15/05/2013 08:03

yanbu to cancel.. presumably the trip is meant to be enjoyable, not an endurance test... stay at home! :)


Wuxiapian · 15/05/2013 08:10

YANBU. Save the misery all round.


kelda · 15/05/2013 08:13

YANBU. Sounds like it could be a nightmare. And I'm not bothered by rain usually, but an alert is not something to ignore when you have two very small children.

Stay at home and order a takeawaySmile


Blu · 15/05/2013 08:14

It sounds as if the dogs are as much of the problem as the weather for you all!

Sorry your plan is ruined, GG, but not really worth splashing (ha!) out on all the extras for a potentially miserable weekend.


kelda · 15/05/2013 08:16

GrandeGueule - are you in France?

We've been caught a couple of times in heavy storms on French motorways. They have been the worst storms that I have ever experienced. It was terrifying on the motorway. We had to pull over to the hard shoulder with hazard lights on because we just couldn't see a thing.


mrsjay · 15/05/2013 08:46

you are going to be in a cottage or wherever you are staying with cold children and wet dog smell all weekend if it is going to be really rubbish weather you wont be able to enjoy your walking, I think I would cancel or go but find something else to do


GrandeGueule · 15/05/2013 09:38

Have cancelled. The lovely lady said she would only cash my deposit cheque if she can't fill the room, but as she has a campsite too she reckons she'll be able to due to the weather.

If we didn't have the dog we'd go and have indoor fun, but I won't put him in kennels, he'd hate it, plus the kennels round here have Bad Reputations.

Yes, we're in France.

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