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To be freaked out by creepy music box in dead SILs room?

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Mixxy · 14/05/2013 20:30

My husband and I live in his deceased apartment. She died 6 years ago. Her old bedroom is the general 'nursery', though baby who is 11 weeks old sleeps in our room. I put the baby in the stroller in the nursery as we are about to go out to do laundry. I went to gather his sheets from our bedroom and when I came back there was my SILs childhood music box playing, (from where, I can't find). It's like the creepiest horror movie ever. I'm on my own in the apartment. I don't believe in ghosts, am not religious and am not spiritual. Funnily enough, I'm exactly like SIL when she was alive. AIBU to be utterly freaked out by this?

OP posts:
SarahAndFuck · 15/05/2013 09:22

I'm interested in all of that Countess. If this thread were a novel I would buy it.

FrogInABog · 15/05/2013 11:57

If SIL was nice, maybe she was trying to keep baby happy with the music if you do believe a ghostly reason

NynaevesSister · 15/05/2013 13:10

OP I think it was lovely to go back in the room and talk to your SIL.

I believe in science not religion. I won't discount an afterlife of some kind until science rules it out absolutely. We just don't know as yet and talking to ghosts doesn't hurt anyone.

I am also really thinking this sounds rather more interesting overall with loft spaces in New York City, ballet dancing siblings, tragic young death, and a mother re-united with her lost child's music box!

melika · 15/05/2013 13:16

Hairs are standing and I'm imagining things now!

LadyHarrietdeSpook · 15/05/2013 13:33

(Wonders whether OP is Nathalie Portman. But Benjamin what's his face has only brothers....)

auntmargaret · 15/05/2013 14:36

I'm not particularly religious although choose to have one, nominally. But in my circles (think immigrant Irish peasant stock), its widely believed that anyone who has gone before comes back to see a new baby. I, and most of my friends believe that's what's happening when we see our newborns transfixed by something we can't see. I find it comforting. And whilst I don't believe in the afterlife (contrary, I know) some of the weird things/ signs from the dead are difficult to explain. So I think your SIL was checking on your son, and wanted to let you know she has his back Smile

Mixxy · 15/05/2013 23:51

Funny that people would be interested in the ballet thing. I guess it is sort of a strange profession. No I'm not Natalie Portman, but my husband did work with Benjamin. They don't live in NYC any more anyway. He had a rinky dink company out in California and they just moved to France where he is to take over at the Paris Opera.

My SIL died of an eating disorder/Type 1 diabetes situation, very tragically at 36 years of age. She was a great laugh. Full of cynicism and pithy remarks. My DH and her were very, very close. And 6 years after her death, he struggles with it still heavily.

He did tell me last night that while he doesn't believe it, it kind of makes him feel nice that she might check in on our son. I know was very hard for DH not to be able to share our (long and hard fought for) bundle of joy.

OP posts:
squoosh · 16/05/2013 00:05

That's a really tragic loss for your DH and his family Mixxy and I can certainly understand why he'd take comfort in thinking she's looking out for your son. It says a lot about her that she's still missed so deeply even after 6 years.

JingleMum · 16/05/2013 00:11

Me, countess Blush they seem like a really interesting family!

I'm assuming SIL was only quite young, it's really sad.

Pitmountainpony · 16/05/2013 04:41

It,s not Natalie...she was in our local supermarket the other day so on the west coast......

Pitmountainpony · 16/05/2013 04:42

Mixxy I just read your post. I am so sorry for yours and your dh,s loss. Eating disorders are so very hard on everyone close to the person suffering. Such a sad sad shame she did not get better.

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