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To never buy another thing from mothercare!

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Wishfulmakeupping · 13/05/2013 18:39

So pissed off- brought a baby chair as a present a couple of weeks ago own brand mothercare one was fine initially noticed today that it seemed not sturdy and the frame seems weak so called the store it was brought from to see if we could swap it for another- they said with receipt they can't do an exhange?!
I thought if an item was broken they had to?! But no they said I could have brought it from a Carboot or secondhand shop even though its clearly brand new and have box- I'm not happy I wasn't asking for refund just an exchange for faulty item- this policy seems off to me?!

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Wishfulmakeupping · 13/05/2013 18:40

Should have read was brought a baby chair

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thebody · 13/05/2013 18:42

Yeah think that can't be right. Someone clever will come on soon to tell you consumer rights.

Definatly think make a fuss again at the store, if no joy escalate.


gordyslovesheep · 13/05/2013 18:44

Fairly sure if it's not faulty they don't have to do anything - if it's just not right they don't have to exchange it


Wishfulmakeupping · 13/05/2013 18:44

Calling headoffice Tomo can't see how that can be right I could understand if I wanted a refund buts its for an exhange

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Wishfulmakeupping · 13/05/2013 18:46

It is faulty the chair frame is wobbly supposed to take up to 20lbs my dd is a little chunky monkey but she's only 13lbs!

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Iggi101 · 13/05/2013 18:48

Presents are tricky, it's really the person who bought it who needs to return it. Not sure if you are describing an actual fault.
Tbf I have kept boxes in order to resell on ebay etc.
If you had alternative proof of purchase (eg bank statement) that would be fine but obviously you don't as didn't buy it.
I would have thought at risk of losing a customer with a new baby (so loads of purchases to make) they would have exchanged.


Shakirasma · 13/05/2013 18:50

Faulty or not, you still need proof of purchase. This doesn't need to be a receipt though, a bank statement or CC receipt would count.

At my shop we have had people damage clothes on the rack then bring them to the till claiming they have lost their receipt but need an exchange. That is why retailers have to be quite strict about proof of purchase.


Wishfulmakeupping · 13/05/2013 18:51

Honestly it is a fault the frame should sturdy it has been fine now it 'gives' side to side not safe at all only used it a couple of times and had it a couple weeks so not safe for a baby

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Wishfulmakeupping · 13/05/2013 18:52

They can do cc statement so will get their money back at least. Glad I noticed the fault before dd got hurt- will be avoiding mothercare in future now

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gordyslovesheep · 13/05/2013 18:55

I didn't realise from your op it was faulty ...just not stable enough ...

? Stores often try the "no refund or return without a receipt" line. No store has to change or refund an item simply because the owner does not like the colour. But where an item fails, shops do not have the right to demand a receipt. A credit card slip or statement or even the say-so of a person who was present when the products were purchased, are legally enough.



TSSDNCOP · 13/05/2013 18:57

If an item is not fit for purpose the store should act to provide an alternative or refund under the Sale of Goods Act.

Google it, print it and take that back in with you.


IneedAsockamnesty · 13/05/2013 19:00

If its faulty or just not fit for purpose then you do not need a receipt of course its easier if you have one.

It just has to be apparent that the goods came from that shop so if you still have the box that should be good enough as the code on it should give a date of manufacture as its a own brand product a product with a recent code on it would show vaguely when it was sold.most of mothercare products are traceable. Not precisely but enough but its there responsibility not yours.


Steffanoid · 13/05/2013 19:02

unfortunately a bank or cc statement does not count as a valid proof of purchase, it must state the item that was purchased as stores sell a large variety of items, however, if it was paid for by a card there may be a way for them to search in transaction history at their store, but not everywhere can do this,


Wishfulmakeupping · 13/05/2013 19:02

No it's not right it he actually frame is not solid is gives between side quite a lot (sorry know I'm not explaining it very well! But not safe for a baby)
Thinking aside from the exchange issue surely they should want to know if there are faulty items out there in case they need to do a recall but didn't want to know at all

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Wishfulmakeupping · 13/05/2013 19:03

Thanks for info about sale of goods act will use that

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ClaraOswald · 13/05/2013 19:15

Just a note- shops cannot make a call as to whether an item is faulty over the phone. They need to see the item. Next time something is wrong with an item, just take it to the shop. And the damage has to be due to a manufacturing issue not an accidental damage issue.

Did you actually say what seemed wrong with it or did you just say you wanted an exchange?


Wishfulmakeupping · 13/05/2013 19:17

I told them all about fault before I mentioned exchange said I could take it down but they said I'd need to deal with headoffice so see what they say Tomo

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jacks365 · 13/05/2013 19:24

You can't use the sale of goods act because YOU did not buy the item. You need to speak to the person who did buy it as legally they are the only one who can return it as they are the one who entered into a contract with the shop.

You do need proof of purchase even for a fault but normally a credit card statement showing the items amount would suffice. Since you can not provide proof of purchase they can refuse an exchange.


DoJo · 13/05/2013 22:49

^ this ^


BloomingB · 14/05/2013 08:14

I used to work at Mothercare - we were trained to be generous with taking stuff back without receipts etc - just take it to the shop, speak to the manager if necessary - you will get a refund


notsoyoniface · 14/05/2013 09:02

this is the full sale of goods act

Having worked in retail for 12 years and 10 of those in management, my advice would be to return the item to the store with all packaging. Explain the fault to the person serving, who will no doubt call a manager. Explain said fault again Grin, at this point they will either give you an exchange or not. If not the sales of good act says this:

^if the customer has lost their receipt but is able to offer other evidence, for example, a bank or credit card statement, packaging etc,
then you must accept this if it demonstrates the goods were
purchased from you^

Quote this, especially as you said it was an own brand product.

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