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to think my dental hygienist has damaged me?

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trashcanjunkie · 09/05/2013 22:45

I'm posted about flossing in the past - the saga of my mouth continues... So, here goes, I've been to the hygienist today to have my top teeth cleaned below the gum line. I had this done to my bottom teeth three weeks ago, and it cost £50, hence the wait to do the second treatment. The hygienist numbed my mouth last time, which was horrid, and I could still feel her working on the teeth. My mouth actually got number after I left the place, but that's another story! My gob was quite tender when the feeling returned, but nothing too bad. This time I said not to bother with the injections and whilst it wasn't the nicest, I coped fine. After she'd finished she did a regular polish on the bottom teeth. While she did that, I felt her 'miss' my teeth and she polished the gum tissue below with the whirring machine. The bits are nowhere near my teeth (iykwim) they are closer to my bottom lip. She also 'polished' the inside of my bottom lip. It's hours later, and the top teeth are slightly tender but okay. My bottom gumline is not ok! It's grazed. Just to be clear, I don't mean the bit that sticks to my teeth. Wtf? is this normal or has she been cack handed and wrecked my blummin gum? it's proper stinging Sad

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ReallyTired · 09/05/2013 22:55

I think you need a dentist to answer your question and actually see your mouth. Do you have gum disease. It seems strange to have your teeth cleaned below the gum line.

I have never had any local anesthesia for oral hygiene. It has never hurt nor have had pain afterwards.


likeitorlumpit · 09/05/2013 23:35

i have never heard of anyone having an injection in the mouth for going to the hygienist ,they usually just use their metal probe to scrape , then polish teeth , i would go back to the dentist , warn them she has damaged your gum and ask for a refund and refuse to have her again.


fanjoforthemammaries7850 · 09/05/2013 23:40

IME deep scaling is often one of the most unpleasant treatments..but worth it


VerySmallSqueak · 09/05/2013 23:45

Last time I went to the hygienist I had to have two fillings replaced that she dislodged.

It will be the last time I go, too.

£45 to see her and £47 for the fillings. No thanks,I won't do that again.


trashcanjunkie · 09/05/2013 23:46

I think I'll see how it looks and feels in the morning. I thought it was weird to offer injections too. She said they don't cost any extra, but last time the treatment was £50 and this time it was £40.... So why the price difference? I should have asked...

But none of that was the problem. It's her polishing the wrong bit with the spinney thing that's got me bothered.

She even complemented me on how great my gums are since the treatment last time, so I feel like they should not be stinging and grazed like they are....

OP posts:

VerySmallSqueak · 09/05/2013 23:51

I think injections aren't exactly unusual.
I was told next time I went she would give me a couple of injections so she could get on a bit better.
Of course,there wasn't a next time.

I would think feeling tender is normal-ish after the hygienist.I had a lovely mouthful of blood.
But it does sound like she may have grazed you a bit with the spinney thing.


likeitorlumpit · 09/05/2013 23:54

bloody hell glad i went on weds before i read these horror stories , i thought it was about £40 for the whole lot , £90 seems quite expensive , you should not be in pain after having them cleaned ,hope you get something sorted if its still painful in the morning .


trashcanjunkie · 09/05/2013 23:54

yeah, the tender bit was expected - it's not bad at all. That's on the top teeth. She was just polishing the bottom ones at the last minute - I guess to shine 'em up a bit, but she'd gone considerably off piste. I think she slipped or wasn't looking. She's sanded me!

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