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to buy my groceries in Asda even though it comes out worst (with Tesco) in ethical shopping lists?

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Nospringflower · 06/05/2013 10:57

Can't decide where to do online shop. Waitrose comes out best but is dearest, Sainsburys middle and Asda bottom of ethical lists but cheapest eg milk £1.49 instead of £1.89 but think they screw the farmers. Should I think of my cash or think of the bigger good (as I can afford to shop in any of them).

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Nospringflower · 06/05/2013 22:24

People not expletive!

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bettycocker · 06/05/2013 23:16

Every garment that's made uses energy and resources. Every manufactured item has a carbon footprint. Do people really need so much new stuff?

We should try to reuse and recycle, if only for the good of all life on this planet. Honestly, do any of us have a right to be entitled to stuff in the first place? We're not the only inhabitants here and we can't continue the way we are going.

I'll fuck off and go back to my tree hugging now.

ivanapoo · 07/05/2013 09:09

betty great point. One of the reasons I try to buy clothes in charity shops or on eBay, when I need them.

The amount of food we waste (as a nation) is shocking. We throw away something like 25% of all food we buy!

bettycocker · 07/05/2013 19:22

ivanapoo, I try to buy second hand too.

For grocery shopping I will choose Waitrose, the Co-op and buy locally. Sometimes I have to go on a mercy dash to somewhere random though.

Somebody told me that I'm too poor to shop at Waitrose. Hmm Maybe I can shop there because I don't spend money on other things. Smile

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