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to be saddened, disappointed and a little freaked out!

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yearningformyyoni · 04/05/2013 13:12

So back when I was 9/10 yo, I had this friend and we were inseperable up until I moved away for my Dads work and we went to different high schools.
We often had convos about our future, babies and marriage - as you do at that age. This friend (P) said a fairly unusual but gorgeous name if she had a DS, I said I would call me DS that too so that they could be twins we werent very bright

Fast forward almost 20 years and I return to my hometown with a husband and a DS who I did end up calling that unusual name! Went to a mothers and toddlers group to meet new people and ended up running into this old friend! There were hugs and kisses and all going well until I told her my DS name and her face clouded over. You got it, she had also called her son it. I thought it was quite funny and did the old, "remember when I thought they could be twins...." but she was having none of it.

She ended up grabbing her stuff and her DS and leaving after accusing me of "always being a bloody copier" Hmm. Luckily, the other parents were fairly used to her outbursts it seems and welcomed me with open arms.

But I'm still a little in shock tbh. The atmosphere just changed and we used to be so close. How was I ever to know we would end up in this situation? Sad

OP posts:
thebody · 04/05/2013 15:09

You can't own a name, she's mad

Andro · 04/05/2013 15:09

Dante is a lovely name, I know a couple of people called that but none in England (I also have Italian heritage).

I've never met anyone else with the same name as me though.

pigletpower · 04/05/2013 15:15

Tbh, my kids have fairly unusual names and i do feel a little bit pissed off when [if] we do meet a child with the same name.I know it's irrational but there we are.

LindyHemming · 04/05/2013 15:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bearcrumble · 04/05/2013 15:46

One of my good friends recently had a baby Dante and then moved away. Are you in a town beginning with B on the south coast?

olivertheoctopus · 04/05/2013 23:28

Weird. I have a Barnaby which is quite unusual and love it when we find another one!

Kyrptonite · 04/05/2013 23:33

Dante is lovely. She sounds like a loon. Good job she didn't call him jack or she would be having a go at people everyday for copying her!

LemonsLimes · 04/05/2013 23:57

I thought it was going to be Raphael

squoosh · 05/05/2013 00:02

How weird that you both stuck to the name you favoured when you were 9 years old!

squoosh · 05/05/2013 00:02

weird as unusual.

BeyonceCastle · 05/05/2013 00:30

ooh Dante is lovely - can I use it as a middle name please? Wink
Inferno aside always makes me think of Clerks.

Not that surprising you both used it - tis a bit like inception...I once told an ex's best man of a fairly rare girl's name who I was teaching who had the same surname as my ex...and how whenever I saw her name I thought of ex fleetingly.

Ex ended up calling his DD1 exact same name (not common) a year or so later.

Your friend sounds unhinged.

mamaggie · 05/05/2013 13:05

I remember telling a random woman at an antenatal class my choice of name - and to my horror (complete over-reaction on my part) her daughter was born before mine, and she STOLE my name!!! Shock

BarredfromhavingStella · 05/05/2013 13:15

I had Dante on my list-DH said absolutely no way, I think it's a lovely name & yes your friend sounds batshit crazy.

Cravey · 05/05/2013 13:17

She's mental stay away from her haha. On anger note though its not that unusual we have 7 of them in our extended family and I also know another 5 or 6. Make sure you tell her that if you see her again haha.

PoppyAmex · 05/05/2013 13:26

True story: my clients' sister in Australia was 6 months pregnant and about to call her daughter Sunday Rose (everyone knew this), when Nicole Kidman (her mate) stole it!

Now that's shitty, because you can't really get away with TWO Sunday Roses, especially when the other mother is on every magazine!

WafflyVersatile · 05/05/2013 13:35

I can imagine being a teeny tiny bit put out that my unusually named child suddenly wasn't the only one. But I would have smiled through gritted teeth and got myself over it in a few hours. Like NORMAL people.

She's being a nobber and everyone knows it so a big ole WHATEVS to her.

ben5 · 05/05/2013 13:44

BrianCoxandTheTmpleofDOOM I'm till laughing about your frogs on speed!!!!

I think your ex friend is mad to!

FatherSpodoKomodo · 05/05/2013 13:46

olivertheoctopus I have a Barnaby too! I also chose quite unusual names and my kids love it when they meet someone else with the same name.

I know a Dante, I like the name. If it had been me I would have laughed at both having the same name.

Your "friend" is obviously a bit loopy!

diddl · 05/05/2013 13:56

She sounds odd!

The name was her suggestion & you said you'd use it as well, so I suppose you di "copy" in that way.

But you're obviously not good friends/close as you didn't keep in touch!

WarmFuzzyFun · 05/05/2013 14:04

Wow. So she owns the name?Confused

She is nuts. Avoid her, you're lucky to find out so soon after meeting her again, saves time.

NynaevesSister · 05/05/2013 14:09

You need to head to South East London then. There are a lot of boys around here called Dante.

SoleSource · 05/05/2013 14:24

Stone wash denim lol!

Is your name Wendy, OP?

expatinscotland · 05/05/2013 14:29

Dante?! Beautiful and unusual? I'm speechless at both of you.

But YANBU with regards to this old mate's reaction.

gobbledegook1 · 05/05/2013 14:51

Also know a Dante.

I think she over reacted, just a tad!

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