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to go on holiday

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internalship · 04/05/2013 12:47

to the same place twice?

I've always thought it's a bit weird when people go to the same place on holiday again and again... There's so much of the world to see!

DP and I are looking at holidays for later this year and we can't find anything as good as our holiday last year for the same price! We have no DC yet so I'm wondering if we should make the most of being able to go wherever.

AIBU and will I regret it later?

OP posts:

Jinsei · 04/05/2013 12:59

Yanbu, if that's what you want to do! Probably wouldn't be my choice, but if you enjoyed it last year and feel inclined to go back, why not?


magimedi · 04/05/2013 13:26

I am going on holiday to the place I have been to once every year for the last four years.

We both love it, it suits us fine & it makes the holiday seem much longer, as you don't have all the 'finding the right places' thing to do.

I am very lucky, however, in that it's not my only holiday of the year. But if I did only have one holiday I would probably go there.


Shakey1500 · 04/05/2013 13:33

I also used to think that...

Then, 13 years ago we found a beautiful resort in Greece. Not touristy, not too quiet, wonderful people/food/scenery/climate. We must have been back 30 times and are booked again this year. They've seen us date there, honeymoon there and the last five years, introduce our son there.

It's no longer a holiday destination, it's like a second home and where we'll retire. We did deviate one year and went somewhere else. Spent the entire time wishing we were at t'other place!


SanitaryOwl · 04/05/2013 14:13

I used to think it was weird too, but if you like a place, and especially if the price is right, why not? We've been to the same place in the Algarves a few times now, and if I could afford to go back tomorrow, I would!


yearningformyyoni · 04/05/2013 14:16

Why fix it if it ain't broken Smile
Go and enjoy yourself!


toomuchtoask · 04/05/2013 14:27

I enjoy seeing a place twice. The build up to the second time is a lot less pressured. You know what you want to see and do. Go for it if you want to.


SpanishFly · 04/05/2013 17:42

Shaky1500 which resort is it - you've intrigued me Smile


OwlinaTree · 04/05/2013 17:52

We went back to same resort 2 years running and didn't regret it. Have fun!


WinterWinds · 04/05/2013 19:08

We have done this in both Cyprus and Spain.

Have been to Cyprus about 5 times and finally returning back to the same area next week after a gap of about 8 years and I cant wait.
Lost count of the number of times we have done The Spain resort will probably go back there in the summer.

Both places feel like we are going home.

Two sets of neighbours asked once asked (separately) why we always go back to Spain as it seemed odd to them. But the thing is they both do the same destinations every year. Hmm

If it aint broke don't fix it!!!!


GreatBallsofFluff · 04/05/2013 19:41

I've been back to the same place about 17 times. Admittedly its about going somewhere familiar and safe for DD, and I think when I was younger my mum took my sister and I there for the same reasons.

Also though its about knowing I will have a lovely holiday with money I've worked hard for. YANBU.

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