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To be fuming over parking

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Whatalotofpiffle · 04/05/2013 10:21

I suspect I am dipping into the realms of the grumpy old women, and am fully prepared to he flamed, but..,,

We live in a small drive, dead end, allocated parking and extra spaces possibly on corners, grass, enough room for 5 or 6 cars outside of bays. Neighbour 2 doors up is going away on a bank holiday trip I think with around 10 friends who have just turned up and parked cars all over the drive. All space has been taken by these cars and the street looks jam packed, and they have all just got in a mini bus with trailer, suitcases etc and are going away. We are 200m from an empty street which all other streets lead from where visitors normally park as this road is so chocca

AIBU to think this us really selfish?

(Puts on fire proud suit and holds on to judgey pants) Grin

OP posts:
Whatalotofpiffle · 04/05/2013 12:36

I wish I had legged it out there in pjs but they were all holiday ready bronzed 20 something's and I am dragged out of bed mother of toddler ... Also was unsure if being a witch

OP posts:
Whatalotofpiffle · 04/05/2013 12:36

I hope it is and the suitcases were a multitude of shoes and night out gear

OP posts:
Whatalotofpiffle · 04/05/2013 12:37

Hope it is a weekend trip I mean

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SirChenjin · 04/05/2013 13:01

YANBU - but sadly I don't think there is much you can do, apart from blast them for parking in the allocated spaces when they return (and smear the cars with sun-cream covered handprints as someone suggested earlier - must remember that one!)

Bloody selfish behaviour from your neighbours imo.

Whatalotofpiffle · 05/05/2013 23:49

Cars still there...

OP posts:
steppemum · 05/05/2013 23:58

really like the idea of sprinkling bird seed on the top of all the cars....

MidniteScribbler · 06/05/2013 00:02

Do you know anyone with a forklift? Move all the cars around so they're all stuck in together and they'll have to spend hours working out how to get them out, like one of those puzzle games.

(may or may not have done this in the past Wink)

NumTumDeDum · 06/05/2013 00:03

We had a letter from the council a while back warning people in our street not to park on the grass verges, contravened a by-law or something and threatened fines. Wonder whether you have a similar by-law? Depends how far you want to take it really. Notes etc get people raging and if it's generally a nice street then probably not worth it. Course, there is nothing stopping you from feeding the birds. Grin

quoteunquote · 06/05/2013 00:04

thanks, you can't finger print birdseed.

Whatalotofpiffle · 06/05/2013 02:24

I think I will tut a lot looking out of the window and do nothing! But I do feel I should maybe say something to boyfriend.... Not that he will probably care!

OP posts:
Mia4 · 06/05/2013 10:31

Your neighbour may be able to call the council to tow the cars in his spot, but that depends on how furious he is.

When they come back have a word with them, or put a note through their door now.

My friend once had egg smeared all over her windscreen :( The friend we were visiting had had issues with people purloining the driving space during the day while she was out and leaving cars overnight quite often so she asked us to park on her drive(if it was free, which it was) until she got back and then we'd move and park across it. In the half hour we were browsing the shops waiting for her, her neighbours-thinking we were yet more entitled people, smeared egg all over her windscreen-which then given the temperature, literally cooked.

It was a week after we found out they did it, our friend apologised after the neighbour saw us all together trying to get the egg off and admitted a week later. Point is it was really really hard to get off, stunk and if we'd been entitled and annoying it would make me think twice.

CSIJanner · 06/05/2013 11:40

If they're in allocated spots that are assigned to homes, get them towed. Selfish buggers

cumfy · 06/05/2013 12:54

I think they should have arranged to pick a couple of groups up in the mini-bus.

But unless you're going to abolish road tax and allocate every square inch of residential road, this is just part of life.

MrsTerryPratchett · 06/05/2013 15:28

OK, use the sun cream but do the following. Make your hand into a fist and put sun cream on the bottom (away from your thumb). Print onto car. This will look like a tiny footprint. Then use your fingers to do toes. Repeat up the bonnet and over the roof. It will look like tiny gnomes climbed over their car.

arabesque · 06/05/2013 17:03

YADNBU. Very ignorant and inconsiderate thing to do. Even if they hadn't taken assigned bays it would still have been inconsiderate. Just because something's legal doesn't always mean it's okay. People shouldn't have to have everything legislated for and regulated about in order to behave with a bit of common decency.

thefirstmrsrochester · 06/05/2013 17:09

Are you at the window waiting watchfully for their return?
It's so rude of them. I'd have spent the weekend in a fizzing rage.
It's not illegal but it would have been common courtesy for your neighbours to have mentioned this too you.

fritteringtwit · 06/05/2013 17:21

YANBU. My neighbours' parking makes my piss boil .

Bloke at end of my road converted his garage into a TV room (massive 50 inch plasma job, dead tasteful) and bricked up his the end of his drivway so now has to park his Tranny van on the pavement, right on the junction, and completely blocking the pavement so you have to walk in the road - side of the van on our road, back of the van on the other road. You cant see any traffic approaching from the right.

People on the opposite side of the junction to him park their massive people carrier about 6 feet back from the end of the road so their car is blocking the entire side of the carriageway, so you have to drive on the wrong side of the road to get out of the junction. Good fun when someone is trying to turn in to the road at the same time youre trying to get out but you havent seen each other because of the bloody van.

So basically end of the road is a single carriageway.

On the other road is a primary school. On school mornings all the lazy bitches in people carriers mums in a rush park right on the junction, so anyone coming out of our road has to pull out , from the wrong side of our road, into the wrong side of the other road.

And there are speed humps everywhere because speed is the only perceived danger around here!!

And dont get me started on the mum and 2 daughters over the road who all have cars but have no idea where or how to park them. They have a driveway, which is huge. and empty. One of their cars is on the opposite side of the road to their house - on the pavement outside the empty house next door, the other two are on the pavement outside their neigbours houses.

I might park my car on their driveway for a laugh. They never use it because they cant reverse off it properly.

Whatalotofpiffle · 07/05/2013 11:15

Cars gone :)

OP posts:
Branleuse · 07/05/2013 11:18

what did you do

cumfy · 07/05/2013 11:48

Great. So just a weekend trip ?

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