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to think hes taking the piss..

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CocacolaMum · 01/05/2013 22:52

OH has zero social life, I do too. We live about 200 miles from our friends and I have been encouraging him for ages to go out with people from work when they invite him..

He mentioned last night that the clients they have in the office were going out for a meal tonight and had invited him, he had accepted. Awesomeballs I thought... waved him off this morning with him saying he would be back for around 9ish.

He is now nearly 2 hours late and NO TEXT!! How long does it take to text, really? AIBU to expect something? I am not saying he needs my permission to stay out (far from it) but I want to go to bed knowing hes ok!!

And no I have not tried to call, I do not want to be the naggy wife. I will just sit and fume or lock up and hope he has his key Grrrr

OP posts:

thenightsky · 01/05/2013 22:54

text him? Less intrusive than a ringing phone if he is busy with clients.


Mollydoggerson · 01/05/2013 22:54

he is prop drunk with no concept of time. i'ld let it go.


BallerinaZeena · 01/05/2013 22:55

Did he say he would text?

Go to bed. He's an adult, he's fine. Don't ruin his night with your 'fuming'.


PurpleRayne · 01/05/2013 22:55

Go to bed you daft thing! Make sure you are very asleep when he gets in... and ask him if he had a nice time (tomorrow!)


dubstarr73 · 01/05/2013 22:57

So you have been encouraging him to go out and when he does you are fuming.If he done it all the time it would be a different story but he hasnt been out for ages.Leave him be,let him enjoy it


CocacolaMum · 01/05/2013 22:59

Nooo I am not fuming, just a bit irritated that I feel like I ought to wait up. Although god knows why tbh, he better not be bloody drunk. Hes driving!

I wouldn't bitch at him... I am bitching at you lot instead mwahaha

OP posts:

TigerSwallowTail · 01/05/2013 23:11

Send him a quick text along the lines of; "heading to bed now, hope you're enjoying your night" he might have lost track of time, or just forgot to get in touch.


HamAlive · 01/05/2013 23:13

Just go to bed! He's not going to want to go out again if you get annoyed over him being "late".


BriansBrain · 01/05/2013 23:15

I used to wait up and now I don't because he is an adult and has never not found his way home yet.

11pm and still out = not driving home and now relyin n a lift or promise of expenses paid taxi.

I really wold go t bed, you will still be pissed of at 4 am if you wake and he isn't home but at least you have 5 hours sleep under your belt.

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