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I haven't committed any crime like this woman has, so why do I have to do 120 hours of unpaid work?

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DeadWomanWalking · 29/04/2013 18:05

ConfusedAngry Woman sentenced to 215 hours of unpaid work for committing benefit fraud. I'm currently having to do 120 hours of unpaid work (30 hours a week for 4 weeks) or I'll lose my benefits. So what's my crime? Being unemployed? Being poor? Completely baffled by this governments policies. Confused

OP posts:

tripecity · 29/04/2013 18:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IneedAsockamnesty · 29/04/2013 18:13

I totally agree with you.

But this thread will not go well, your going to be insulted and a few Berkshire are going to come on and say ohhh no your not working for free your working for the benefits you already get think yourself lucky you get them because obviously your rolling in it blah blah blah.

I strongly advise you don't let it upset you


WannaBeANinja · 29/04/2013 18:13

Your having to do unpaid work to keep your benefits, it's to encourage you to go out and find yourself paid work so the money you receive is in return for you doing something, not nothing.

find a job


IneedAsockamnesty · 29/04/2013 18:13

Berks not Berkshire


RandallPinkFloyd · 29/04/2013 18:15

Awesome x-post!

Of course you aren't BU, it's all bollocks is what it is.


CloudsAndTrees · 29/04/2013 18:15

The two things are not remotely related. No one is telling you you have committed a crime, or treating you like you have.


ThePinkOcelot · 29/04/2013 18:17

Wow, is that people are having to do now?! I didn't realise that.


mymatemax · 29/04/2013 18:17

The two things are not related & should not be compared. One is punishment for a crime. If you are actively seeking & available for work then u should be available for unpaid work & any experience you gain will increase your chance of finding future employment. Is there any reason that you dont want to do it?


toomuchtoask · 29/04/2013 18:18

I don't see the problem with someone having to work for their benefits (if they are physically able to). Why compare it to committing a crime? Absolutely daft. Nothing in life is free. I have been on benefits in the past and tbh I would have welcomed doing something with my time (as long as it left me with enough time to do job applications). In fact I organised my own voluntary work for several weeks.

Sorry I don't feel sorry for you which is what it seems that you want.


DeadWomanWalking · 29/04/2013 18:18

Ha WannaBeANinja I'm applying for OVER 100 JOBS A WEEK! And have been for the past 8 months, I haven't even had an interview yet! Fancy finding a job for me, because obviously the hundreds I'm applying for a month, some how I must be doing it wrong. Hmm Oh and my DH was made redundant last year form his civil service job, you know how the government is cutting civil service jobs left right and centre. So they take his job away, we have to claim benefits because well we're not fricking millionaires, and I'm being treated like a criminal. Got to love the Tories haven't you. Hmm

OP posts:

JakeBullet · 29/04/2013 18:19

Wannabeaninja, while the OP is working for her benefits I am assuming the company in question is not having to fork out for an official employee. Shame as the OP wants a job but isn't likely to get one while companies can get their workers for sod all cost to them. Hmm


DeadWomanWalking · 29/04/2013 18:21

Yes I'd rather be working 30 hours+ a week for NMW you know the LEGAL minimum wage is £6.19 (I think) yet I'm being paid roughly £1.50 an hour. How is that fair? I'm comparing it because she's being punished by being made to do unpaid work. I'm also being made to do unpaid work, yet I haven't committed a crime. Confused

OP posts:

ReluctantlyBeingYoniMassaged · 29/04/2013 18:21

Will you have to work alongside those doing it as a punishment?

When I was looking for work after recovering from a breakdown I was expected to work in Pound Land for free over Christmas. There were to be eight of us, with one job available at the end of it. I went into supply teaching instead.


JakeBullet · 29/04/2013 18:21

I wouldn't mind working voluntarily between jobs or while I was looking for work. It's all stuff you can add to a CV so might not be totally wasted. It's not comparable to community service at all and you will gain something from it......and you won't have that criminal record either so you are already streets ahead.


CloudsAndTrees · 29/04/2013 18:23

If you really have applied for over three thousand jobs in the last 8 months and you haven't even had an interview, then tbh, you probably are doing something wrong.


DeadWomanWalking · 29/04/2013 18:23

That's right JakeBullet the shop I'm working in has ONE paid employee, the manageress. The rest of the staff are ALL on Mandatory Work Activity. And the ones who are about to finish their 4 weeks train the newbies who've just started. Their are currently 5 of us on MWA in the shop.

OP posts:

mymatemax · 29/04/2013 18:26

Wannabe, have you had advice re your application style & CV. We struggle to recruit for some jobs. Which area are you in. If you are within an hour of our small town there are vacancies.


BreconBeBuggered · 29/04/2013 18:27

I'm willing to bet that the repercussions for criminals who don't turn up for their community service aren't as harsh as the ones for benefit claimants who could lose money at the whim of some local manager with sanction targets to meet. Oops, sorry, there are no such targets. IDS said so, so it must be true.


IneedAsockamnesty · 29/04/2013 18:28

Even the dwp accept that you are more likely to get a job yourself than via one of the mandatory program's.

Its a bunch of utter wank that actually increases unemployment


ReluctantlyBeingYoniMassaged · 29/04/2013 18:29

Cor, that shop is saving a fortune!


Pollydon · 29/04/2013 18:29

Yanbu, these companies are gaining an employee for 4 weeks for free! Youshould be getting a taken extra payment from the employer st the very least !


IneedAsockamnesty · 29/04/2013 18:30

If you don't show up for court ordered unpaid then you sweet talk your probation officer get shit loads of chances and as a final resort go back to court.

They even give you a lift to the unpaid work.


seesensepeople · 29/04/2013 18:30

I guess it depends whether the experience is valuable and looks good on your cv or increases your experience.
It also depends on whether you can work the 30 hours that fit around any commitments you have - many working mums in paid employment manage to do this (and many don't).
Does it increase your costs or are those covered? I'm thinking any childcare or travel expenses?
Do you have to wear those flourescent jackets on telling the world you are on benefits - the criminals do, it's called Community Payback.
What happens after the four weeks? Do you stand any chance of a proper job at the end? Do you go back to just having to prove you are looking for work? Do you have to do another four weeks in a certain period of time?
What sort of jobs are on offer for these "placements"? Are certain employers taking the mick by repeatedly accessing free labour?
These are all the sort of questions that need answering before we can decide if this is unreasonable or not.


ubik · 29/04/2013 18:31


It's shite that you have to do this. I hope you find something soon. Sorry your husband lost his jobFlowers

I hope you and your husband are keeping it together in what must be a very stressful situation.


toomuchtoask · 29/04/2013 18:31

100 applications a week? Seriously. That's over 14 a day. I mean this kindly and constructively but it's no wonder you aren't getting interviews. They can't be your best quality or tailored if you are doing 1 an hour Cut this back to 2 quality applications a day and I am sure you will reap better rewards. Churning them out will get you nowhere.

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