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AIBU to be furious about this??

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Kirsten567 · 28/04/2013 13:38

I currently live in a student accommodation (I'm a masters' student)

My course is quite challenging and I'm also applying for jobs right now so I need loads of peace and quiet.

Unfortunately, my landlords are extremely careless about noisy tenants and there is loud, banging music playing in my building at odd hours of the day and night.

I've complained numerous times and I've even had to change my room TWICE due to noisy neighbours. Unfortunately, they always tell me that there is nothing they can do about the noise. They insist that people have a right to listen to music in their rooms and if it bothers me I should study in a library or get earplugs. Shock They are especially unhelpful when it happens during the day, saying that unless it is after midnight they won't tell anyone to turn down the music. :( :(
I'm sick of arguing with them.

AIBU to think that in a student accommodation priority should be given to studying??? If someone wants to listen to music then they can, but can't it also be done at a lower volume and bass?? Isn't it more important for me to study than for them to have wild parties? Angry

What's worse is that the official guidelines clearly state loud music is not allowed in the building and yet the management of this accommodation doesn't take that seriously.

AIBU to think that they should be more supportive of students who are studying and more firm with those who are disturbing others???

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HoHoHoNoYouDont · 28/04/2013 13:42


You need to take this further than to the property management team. Find out who the owner/landlord of the site is and put in a complaint to them stating that the management company are not fulfilling their duties.

Property Management is dog eat dog at the moment so they won't want to lose the contract.


Kirsten567 · 28/04/2013 13:53

I want to do just that but I'm worried that it might backfire. If they find out I complained against them they may just refuse to help me completely.

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OddSockMonster · 28/04/2013 13:55

Yanbu, but I don't fancy your chances much to be honest. Student accomodation tends to equal noise, parties, etc.

My only suggestion is to get yourself some headphones and find some music to drown out the parties, but that you can zone out and focus on your work. I used to alternate between Mozart and Nirvana, used to help ignore band practice on our landing when I had an essay due.


Kirsten567 · 28/04/2013 14:00

OddSockMonster: Yeah, you're right they aren't going to do anything :(
I'll try the music thing but since I'm studying finance and programming it's so unlikely that I'll be able to concentrate with any sort of music whether it's in my room or someone else's.

I honestly want to get some sort of soundproofing done!

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JeanPaget · 28/04/2013 14:05

Actually I think YABU. Why should your studying be more important than other people making use of their rooms as they want to?

Listening to music in your room during the day is perfectly reasonable and it sounds like the landlord's are willing to intervene if it takes place at night.

Having tolerance for noise coming for neighbours is part of living in a city, and it sounds like you're expecting a level of quiet you're just never going to find, especially in student accommodation.

I think the landlord's suggestion of working in the library if you want total silence is quite a good one frankly.


MimiSunshine · 28/04/2013 14:10

YABU as long as music isn't being played during the early hours, its not for you to impose how other people behave in their bedrooms. Surely if you're doing a Masters you've encountered student living when doing your undergrad degree?


FredFredGeorge · 28/04/2013 14:11

YABU. You're the one who's decided you need lots of peace and quiet (others like noise when studying or applying for jobs) so you should be the one to find an accomodatation with that. A library or study room at your university will provide your need for quiet. Peoples homes in the day time not so much.

Your landlord appears to be doing more than necessary to help you.


AChickenCalledKorma · 28/04/2013 14:15

Unless you are in accommodation which is specifically for mature students or post-graduates, then I'm afraid YABU. Noisy parties and loud music are pretty much part of the student experience, at least when you are fresh out of school. Studying is only part of university life.

I tend to agree with the landlord - until midnight, a certain amount of noise is to be expected and using the library or other quiet study areas would be the best bet.


WTFisABooyhooISBooyhoo · 28/04/2013 14:18


cant they wear earphones?

noise pollution really riles me TBH. it isn't acceptable to leave your rubbish in their rooms, it isn't acceptable for you to create a vile smell in your shared accomodation that they can smell in their rooms, it isn't acceptable for you to use dangerous chemicals that will hover in the air where they will inhale it so why the hell should they be allowed to pollute your living space with their noise? would it be acceptable if you chose to play an air raid siren all day long? no but apparently just because their noise pollution is 'musical' it's fine. i hate that attitude. i think you should bottle dog fart and pump it into their rooms. see how they like your chosen method of pollution. and yes, student accommodation should have studying a priority over partying and this should be supported by buiding management.


BackforGood · 28/04/2013 14:22

I think YABU too. Surely by the time you are doing a Masters, you would know well enough that student accommodation is - well, for students to live in, who, as a general rule are young people. living away from their parents for the fist time, enjoying the fact that no-one is telling them what time to get up/go to bed/who to have round/what volume to play their music. IME it's pretty normal for 1st yrs to live in halls, 2nd and 3rd yrs to live in shared houses in noises student areas, and then any serious studying afte taht, post grads usually seek rooms away from student areas as they know what to expect. I think you are being totally unrealistic to think that student accomodation is going to be some quiet monastary like place.


NeoMaxiZoomDweebie · 28/04/2013 14:31

I agree with Jean and Fred....why don't you get quiet digs somewhere else? Student accommodation is always a bit wild.


MrsOakenshield · 28/04/2013 14:39

Student accommodation is for students to live in. Universities provide plenty of places for students to study in, such as libraries, reading rooms etc, so I don't think you can accuse them of not providing for or supporting students in this way. YABU.


OddSockMonster · 28/04/2013 14:43

Seriously, try the headphones thing, a bit of classical works with the brainwaves or something - sure there was as study about this. Either way Mr Cobain and also Strauss' Blue Danube got me through a tricky bit of astrophysics, while a bass amp half blocked my bedroom door.


hiddenhome · 28/04/2013 14:57

YANBU I hate loud noise.

Perhaps you could download some white noise or relaxing sounds to play via earplugs whilst you work. I have a nature sound app that's very good and it's free.


Kirsten567 · 28/04/2013 15:16

Why should I have to pay them close to 200 a WEEK for a room that I only get to sleep in if I am forced to study in a library all day??

Secondly, it's not a bit of noise which we all deal with in cities. This is loud music like the kind that's played at a party in a nightclub. And contrary to what some of you have understood, the management is doing nothing to help.

Of course they have a right to listen to music- who is stopping them anyway?? But I have an equal right to study for my exam or prepare for an interview without the constant distraction of screaming, thumping music. If they were told to keep the volume to a more normal level then everyone would be happy. Unfortunately, the management refuses to do that.

I live about 40-60 minutes away from the university so it isn't convenient for me to keep going back and forth every time I want to study. In addition to this I have severe migraines triggered by noise which I have mentioned to them loads of times.

If this was an occasional occurrence, I wouldn't have even brought it up with them. But to have to deal with this every day and night is getting too much to be honest.

OP posts:

Tee2072 · 28/04/2013 15:20

I happen to agree that YABU. Noise in communal living is a fact of life. Yes, you should be able to study. But so should they be able to listen to their music during the day.

If you can't concentrate with music on, get noise cancelling headphones.


Kirsten567 · 28/04/2013 15:20

When I did my undergrad, I was in a student hall which had very strict policies regarding noise in addition to having semi-soundproof walls and so I never faced this problem at all.

This place gave me an assurance that postgrads will be kept in a different part away from the noisier undergrads but it turns out they lied.

The guys next to me are first years undergrads. I reckon that if they put the undergrads together and the postgrads separately things would be much better.

OP posts:

Kirsten567 · 28/04/2013 15:23

Oh gosh! I am not saying that they shouldn't be able to listen to music. Of course they should. But the volume has to be at a level that others aren't constantly disturbed. I listen to music myself but I make sure the volume and bass is at a level that my nobody else is disturbed. It can't be so loud that it thumps the next door neighbour's walls.

I do have noise cancelling headphones but even they don't tune it out so you can imagine how loud the music must be.

People who want to listen to music can just as easily get portable headphones.

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hobnobsaremyfavourite · 28/04/2013 15:24



Kirsten567 · 28/04/2013 15:25

To be honest, I'd love to move out. But the rent is non-refundable and so I am stuck.

If there was any way out of this contract, I'd be gone in a shot.

OP posts:

Maat · 28/04/2013 15:25

40-60 minutes away from the university is a heck of a distance for student accommodation.


OddSockMonster · 28/04/2013 15:28

Is there any alternative accommodation or can the uni help find somewhere else? As it stands it seems you can either moan about it or move, and I suspect moving would be your best bet. Is there someone who could help at the SU?


Fleecyslippers · 28/04/2013 15:29



shubiedoo · 28/04/2013 15:31

I remember when I lived in residence (20 years ago!) that they enforced "quiet hours" during exam periods, no music etc most of the day. Too bad they don't still do this.


Kirsten567 · 28/04/2013 15:33

The university couldn't place me in their own halls so I was asked to find a private accommodation which has a fixed contract. Now they are coming up with all sorts of excuses to make me stay.

Will try speaking to SU although I'm not sure what they can do in this case...

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