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to think that B&Q are being fuckers about this? They hit our car and drove off

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Itchyandscratchy · 27/04/2013 18:54

Last week our neighbour put a note through the door while we were out to say that a B&Q delivery lorry had hit our car, shunted it a foot and dented the bumper badly. She saw it from her bedroom window and took a note of the number plate and time etc. One delivery bloke was out of the van directing the driver round what is quite a sharp corner and saw it hit our car. But they thought no one had seen so they jumped in and buggered off leaving no note or anything. Fuckers!

Dh is registered driver so he told insurance company and I made him also ring the police for them failing to report accident. He then rang B&Q and they couldn't have been less bothered. The boss of that branch had gone home for the day so they said he'd ring in the morning. He didn't. Do dh rang them back and spoke to the boss the next day. He said there was little he could do as their deliveries are done by a different company even though they drive round in B&Q lorries. He said 'if no one from B&Q has rung you by Tuesday, ring again.' This was Friday.

No one rang to so I rang complaints. They said they were shocked at how slack the manager of the branch had been and they would definitely be looking at how the original issue had been dealt with. Nothing since (2 weeks now.)

Local police are dealing with it and they rang Friday to say they were having to pursue it across counties now as the delivery firm are based miles away.

Meanwhile we've had to pay £200 excess.

AIBU to think that B&Q are being fuckers or is this to be expected as they can't/won't admit liability and they will do everything to get out of paying up?

OP posts:

LindyHemming · 27/04/2013 19:12

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

civilfawlty · 27/04/2013 19:13

Use twitter. Get people here to retweet. Bet they'll get their act together.


andubelievedthat · 27/04/2013 19:14

yes ,crap experince thou for your info ,its very unlikely B&Q own those vehicles ,the contract will have been "tendered" and the contract awarded will stipulate the vehicles must be liveried up in B&Q logo, thou!!! they will know who done delivery cos they were expecting it,the reg No, may be on their parerwork ,the driver will have to have to cross sign same paperwork, B&Q will know has the contract ! you simply have to stick with it ,raise merry hell! any cctv?

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